Views on why we should or should not go to war with Iraq

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Hello i’m James and i’m going to provide you with my points of view why Britain and America shouldn’t go to war with Iraq

Hello I’m Paul and I’m going to provide you with my points of view on why we should go to war with Iraq.

I believe that there are many reasons why George W. bush and Tony Blair shouldn’t declare war on Iraq. One of the main reasons is that it’s illegal for Bush and Blair to go to war with Iraq. The War Powers Resolution only authorizes the president to use force against those involved in the September 11 attacks. It clearly states, “The president is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, or harboured such organizations or persons.” So far, no evidence has been presented implicating Iraq in the 9-11 attacks therefore if Bush declares war then it would be a war crime because it’s broken the law.

Now let me start with the main reasons why I think the United States is going to have to go to war, why it is necessary and why it would be in some senses positive to go to war. And the first is the plight of the Iraqi people, which for so long, in the United States, and the international community in general, has also been almost beside the point.

You know, throughout the 1990’s, when we talked about Iraq, so rarely did we talk about what was best for the Iraqi people, what they wanted? and what could be done. And today I think that it is clear that continuing under Saddam Hussein’s tyranny would be the worst of all possible worlds for the Iraqi people.

It would be better for all the Iraqi people but many of the Iraqi people don’t want anything to be done for example, The Kurdish Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq have all expressed opposition to U.S. ambitions in Iraq who are usually against Saddam are willing to join forces with the tyrant leader in order to fight the Americans because they believe that bush and Blair are in the wrong. And also despite numerous accusations by the Bush administration that Saddam has close links to Islamic terrorist groups, no real evidence has been uncovered to substantiate this claim. While the hawks in the administration allege that they have classified intelligence that proves Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism they have so far refused to disclose this evidence to the public or even to its allies. Furthermore, numerous insiders and experts – representing a broad spectrum of political backgrounds – have told reporters that these links simply do not exist.

Surely all the evidence we need to go to war with Saddam is off his past as ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, since coming to power in 1979, has probably been responsible for the death of as many as one million Iraqis, many of them in the most horrific circumstances imaginable- as a result of chemical warfare of the most inhumane forms of torture that the world has seen over the last one hundred years. The torture is so bad that it can only be compared to the World War 2 dictatorship of Stalin and Hitler

Everything your saying is true, so why hasn’t anything tried to be done before apart from the gulf war, which was over 10 years ago. I believe that George Bush is trying to finish off what his father couldn’t do, finish off Saddam Hussein. I also believe that bush only wants to go to war to establish control over the production and distribution of its oil and gas resources. Iraq happens to be the 2nd largest source of oil in the world. Furthermore, control of Iraq, either directly or indirectly through a U.S. imposed puppet regime would provide the U.S with stable access to it’s northern and southern oil fields; and also provides the U.S. oil companies with favourable access to oil production sharing agreements

Yes but Saddam hasn’t for filled all the criteria that the united nations set for him, therefore indisputably shouldn’t we make him pay, before he goes completely mad and tries to overtake neighbouring countries.

Iraq does not pose a serious threat to any of Iraq’s neighbours or even to Israel, whom many suspect would be attacked by Saddam’s forces in the event of a U.S. invasion. As Stephen Zones noted in a report published by Foreign Policy in Focus, “It is . . . hard to imagine that an Iraqi aircraft carrying biological weapons, presumably some kind of drone, could somehow penetrate the air space of neighbouring countries, much less far-off Israel, without being shot down. Most of Iraq’s neighbours have sophisticated antiaircraft capability, and Israel has the best regional missile defence system in the world. Similarly, as mentioned above, there is no evidence that Iraq’s Scud missiles and launchers even survived the Gulf War in operable condition. Indeed, UNSCOM reported in 1992 that Iraq had neither launchers for their missiles nor engines to power them.”

Many people want Saddam out but if Hussein is removed he will just be replaced by a fundamentalist regime that is more likely to support terrorist activity and repress the Iraqi people. So if we go to war and kill Saddam and all other major Iraqis in politics then wont the war be a good thing.

War is never a good thing. Many innocent people will die, families will be torn apart due to parents going to war and many people who don’t even agree with the war will get involved and killed. And if we do go to war with Iraq it would be over extremely quickly because South Korea would get involve and they would end it by dropping nuclear bombs on us, therefore causing not only us to die in the most horrific ways but also giving future generations very bad diseases.

Some civilians will die in a war. Civilians always die in wars. It may be in the thousands. But, Hussein is already killing thousands of them and will continue to do so. At least when the US attacks Iraq, they will not be deliberately targeting and attacking civilians. Unlike Saddam who has deliberately targeted civilians on a huge scale and who has used chemical weapons on civilians, all the civilian deaths that will occur as a result of US attacks will be accidents. At least there is a chance that the killing of civilians will stop when the US wins.

War is not the only answer, I believe if Tony Blair and George Bush really cared about there people and all the Iraqis then surely they can co-operate with the united nations to find another way to deal with Saddam Hussein instead of diving in at the deep end willing to kill thousands and ruin life’s

Finally I believe…………….

Finally I believe that there is always another way out, war is never the answer and surely if tony blair is the people’s priinister then surely he can hear what the 69 million plus people are telling him and not what his little war monger friend George Bush is whispering into his ear.


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