Visual Arts – Wenda Gu and Shayne Higson Essay

The influence of cultural experiences from different universes has altered artists’ perceptual experiences on their construct of picturing art. which is displayed in their series of graphicss. Artists including Wenda Gu. Shayne Higson and William Kentridge demonstrate assorted facets of the cultural universe they live in such as their background. shown through their artist’s pattern. Wenda Gu inquiries the differentiation between cultural linguistic communications. race and gender in his graphicss United Nation. 2001 and Forest of rock steles. 1993-2003.

Similarly. William Kentridge offers his experiences through the differentiation and separation of people by their tegument colorss shown in his artworks Procession of the dispossessed. 1989 and Procession in the landscape with highmast. 1989. While Shayne Higson demonstrates her cultural universe through her existent life experience of the political issue that is happening in Australia which is emerging in her graphicss Unsuitable. 2000 and Give me Warmth. 2004.

These artists’ cultural experience significantly informs their pattern through their graphicss. Wenda Gu was born in China and graduated from the Shanghai school of Humanistic disciplines in 1979. He gained involvement in the creative activity of indecipherable penmanship as he relates it to his deficiency of understanding towards most seal-style characters. Gu began to set up forge Chinese characters since he became inspired by the error he made. which lead him into making an graphics that challenges the traditional medium through its monumental size and false ideograph.

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His thought was to contrast it to the commanding traditions. However his graphics was non accepted to be revealed to the populace as it showed no political messages like propagandas that benefits Chinese’s society. Due to his countries’ rejection. Gu left for America where he could really experiment with his involvements. Wenda Gu explored many issues associating to the concerns of cross cultural apprehension and the changing of universe civilizations in response to globalization.

These constructs are being displayed in his graphics ‘United Nations’ . shown in the National gallery of Australia ; where Gu uses human hair from different state and assemble it into translucent wall that is designed specifically for a state. The installing allows the audience to interact with the graphics as they deconstruct Gu’s thought and what he is seeking to show. There was assorted manner of construing his work. during that clip planetary issues affect the manner people decoded the graphics.

Harmonizing to assorted states. hair was seen as either their psyche or a representation of power. while its coloring material reflects the multiculturalism in Australia. The installing besides consists of coils that have a combination of Chinese seal book and other countries’ character. hung above the translucent screen. that was aim to arouse inquiries on cultural and racial divides. Another of wenda Gu’s installing ‘ Forest of rock steles’ is set up by holding rock slabs being topographic point on the floor and 162 ink frictions all around the walls.

These pieces have penmanships that he has one time once more created to dispute the impression of interlingual rendition. The audience could easy misinterpret the characters as they are indecipherable therefore merely shows the deficiency of cultural apprehension. He uses book to give an thought of how he felt towards his cultural experiences through the importance of linguistic communications as it displays individuality from individual’s manner of composing. Chinese’s commanding tradition in art had shaped Wenda Gu’s construct of picturing individuality as he inquiries it through text utilizing penmanship associating it to issues like interlingual rendition and globalization.


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