Voluntary Simplicity Essay

Contrary to what most people believe. voluntary simpleness does non mention to populating a life that is characterized by poorness or bring downing upon oneself want. Rather. voluntary simpleness besides referred to as simple life is all about populating a life that is examined in which one determines the things that are of import. relevant and adequate for them and fling the remainder. This life style is normally characterized by persons cut downing their ingestion and chase of wealth.

Persons choose to adhere to this sort of life for grounds that are normally personal such as wellness. demand to increase clip spent with household or friends. demand to cut down emphasis. religious or spiritual grounds. frugalness and personal gustatory sensation ( Doherty & A ; Etzioni. 2003 ) . Simple living/voluntary simpleness differs from poorness in that it is voluntary while poorness is a state of affairs that does non take to be in.

It is deserving observing that every bit much as asceticism which refers to a the pattern of populating a life that is characterized by forbearing and abstaining from secular pleasances that normally include sex. nutrient and drinks in chase of religious and spiritual ends promotes and encourages voluntary simpleness. non all protagonists or adherers of voluntarily simplicity/simple life are abstainers ( Pierce. 2003 ) . The history of voluntary simpleness is believed to be related to asceticism and started with the traditions of Shramana in Iron Age India.

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Religious beliefs have it that Buddha and the scriptural John the Baptist were abstainers. Other people such as Mahatma Gandhi. Francis of Assisi and several others claim that they spiritual inspiration is what led them to follow populating simple life styles. Many spiritual groups such as Religious society of friendss. Amish and Shakerss have practised life styles that omitted things such as engineering and other signifiers of wealth for spiritual grounds. In fact the Religious society of friendss have a belief referred to as ‘Testimony of Simplicity’ which requires the trusters to populate simple lives.

Religious beliefs therefore formed the foundation of voluntary simpleness ( Pierce. 2003 ) . However as stated earlier. non everyone adheres to voluntary simpleness because of religious or spiritual grounds. some persons pattern it in order to cut down the necessity of selling their clip as voluntary simpleness lessenings need for goods that are purchased. Such persons use this saved clip to pass more clip with their household particularly the kids or assist other people in the community.

Others use this clip to better the quality of their lives by prosecuting and prosecuting in activities that are originative such as authorship or humanistic disciplines ( Elgin. 2000 ) . Voluntary simpleness seeks to explicate that felicity can non be bought. This is based on the fact that people normally spend so much money purchasing and devouring things that they think will better the quality of their lives and do them happy yet they still remain unhappy as philistinism ne’er satisfies and in some instances increases degrees of sadness and emphasis in life.

Somme signifiers of philistinism are even considered to be unhealthy such as over indulgence in feeding and imbibing intoxicant ( Elgin. 2000 ) . Voluntary simpleness attempts to explicate that people should non concentrate so much on the devising of money and accretion of wealth at the disbursal of the pureness of their psyches. the wellness and life of their heads. the coherence of their household and friends and the good of the community and the society as a whole.

In the United Kingdom. the National Downshifting Week which was founded in 1995 in its runs at the grassroots to make consciousness on voluntary simpleness encouraged those who participated to encompass the pattern of populating with less positively. The laminitis emphasizes on persons sustainable life and downshifting which refers to persons following societal behaviors that enable them to populate lives that are simpler in order to cut down and extinguish unhealthy patterns such as overtime. emphasis that normally is associated with it and the psychological disbursal that could attach to emphasis ( Huggins. 2007 ) .

Downshifting besides enables persons to get away from frailties such as obsessional philistinism. It emphasizes on persons equilibrating between leisure and their duties such as work and urges them to concentrate their life ends on things that would convey them personal fulfillment ( Huggins. 2007 ) . It besides encourages persons to concentrate on constructing relationships with other people in their lives and society alternatively of seting all their focal point in prosecuting wealth hence economic success.

She explains that persons spend clip gaining money when they spend a batch ensuing to them passing less clip with their households and friends ( Elgin. 2000 ) . This can be translated to the less you spend. the less clip you need to pass earning as you do non necessitate a batch and accordingly the more clip you have for your yourself and the 1s you love. Another bureau that advocates for voluntary simpleness is The Simple Life Network which was founded in 1996.

Amongst the things it provides are resources. illustrations. tools and contacts to persons for a witting. healthy and simple life that is reconstructing. Adopting a simplified diet is another manner of rehearsing voluntary simpleness ( Huggins. 2007 ) . Some of the suggested diets include the Gandhi diet. Voluntary simpleness hence means making. life and holding more with less money therefore making more clip.

It besides means one holding joy in their Black Marias. being satisfied. constructing relationships with others in the society and holding more clip to pass with their loved 1s and bettering the quality of their lives and that one of other people in the society by assisting them. It does non intend that one needs to strip themselves. purchase inexpensive things or be mean with money. It fundamentally means that one has merely what they need. desire what they have and non frailty versa and happening joy and satisfaction in holding less so that one has clip to reconnect with themselves and others around them.

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