Walt number of studios since the beginning of

Walt Disney Co. emerged in the
entertainment industry as Disney Brothers Studio in 1928, the character Mickey
Mouse gave this studio the national recognition through its very first cartoon
appearance which was synchronized with sound effects in the video known as
“Steamboat Willie”.  This was the first
step for Disney Studio to show their skills in Hollywood, at that time Disney
only targeted kids through its animated short videos which played in selective U.S
cinemas. The style of Disney was very unique in sense of their films through
their promotions; their characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were so
amusing for the audience that they acted as the backbone for this company for
many decades.

Hollywood introduced a number of
studios since the beginning of American Film industry thus a chunk of effective
studios survived and their numbers are still decreasing rapidly. Disney was one
of those studios which started from bottom now they are here with mind blowing
awards and huge sum of money in the pockets of the owners of this corporation.
The key reason behind the success of Disney was their marketing strategies and
how they utilized them through precise planning while taking grave risks.

Theme Park For Kids:

Studios like Warner Bros, Universal,
Paramount, and Columbia Pictures are those main competitors of Disney which
forced them to create special engaging projects for their loyal audience in
order to stay in the race of leading academy of Hollywood. The era of 1940-1980
was very significant for Hollywood, during this time span American Film
industry became worldwide sensation because of their films which were watched
through every corner of the world. Disney managed to market their movies
through cinemas and not only cinemas was the source of their revenue instead
the building of Disneyland for kids in 1955 created a direct link with their marked
spectators. The theme-park was a revolutionary move from Disney because it
managed to grasp about 70million viewers through live TV broadcast. The park
was a gigantic achievement for Disney as kids started taking interest in all
the characters which were available in the theme park. The creation of Disney
cartoon universe start escalating due to the demand of those kids who visited
Disneyland, this word of mouth marketing helped Disney to boost up their
forthcoming projects.

 In 1964 Universal Studios Hollywood theme park
entered in the ring as new competitors for Disneyland, the sudden shifting of
Disneyland customers towards Universal Studio Park created havoc in Walt Disney
Co. The cartoon films and theme-park was not enough for Disney to clutch their
roots in Hollywood since many new theme parks emerged from various studios to
establish a new trend in Hollywood. Disney race against time to increase their
share in Hollywood industry before their rival’s replaces them started to cause
pain for Walt Disney Studio.

Popular Classic Movies:

During 90’s era Disney movies for
example Ariel the little mermaid and Aladdin gain massive success in Hollywood
with the gross profit of 211$ Million and 504$ Million worldwide respectively.
The secret ingredient behind these movies blockbuster hit was the game release
of Ariel (1992) and Aladdin (1993) in the same year of these movies screening
in the cinemas. The silver era for Disney was launched in 90’s because Disney
also presented premium gifts for kids who watched these animated movies in
cinemas, special cassette tape sets (Storyteller Books) for kids. This
attachment between Disney characters and children made their brand more famous
for many decades due to the viral selling of these tapes globally.


The Disney Channel recognized in 1983
serving as the platform for classic Disney TV shows/movies but Nickelodeon
channel was already in the contest for being the first ever children’s  network. Disney CEO Michael Eisner in 2001
shifted Disney channel to basic cable in order to compete with Time Warner Cable
and HBO by creating kids devoted TV series and weekly exclusive movies on their
channel. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Zack Efron and Demi Lovato made their
debut through Disney channel shows Hannah Montana and High School Musical
franchise. Until 2009 Disney XD already expanded its branches to online world,
Disney renowned characters’ mini games are still played by kids on their


The Golden era for Walt Disney Co. in
Hollywood started when they acquired the license of Marvel Entertainment in
2009 and Lucas Film in 2012, this was the turning point for Disney because out
of nowhere they suddenly became giants of Hollywood. Their biggest epic movies
were not just Frozen or Pirates of Caribbean but Marvel’s Avengers in 2012 and
Star Wars: Force Awaken (2015) with collective gross profit of 3$ billion opened
the gate of opportunity for Disney owners they never imagined. Disney took the
extreme risk to start promoting MARVEL Comic book based movies internationally
and with each Marvel movie best ratings they started creating special movie universe
for marvel characters. Kevin Feige president of Marvel recently announced the
comic movies slate until 2020 with 7 movies are already in pre-production.


Disney persuasive approach is
extremely respectable that in past 6 years the last Hollywood best comic book
movies title holder Warner Bros studio(Time Warner) are beaten by them. Disney
is not yet done with their projects, in 2017 they also acquired the license of
Fox Studio for 52 $ Billion, which shows how much they are serious to
completely concentrate on making maximum comic book movies.

 In 2018 Disney will premiere their leading
movie “Avengers: Infinity War” with the cast of 15 famous actors with each
worth of 35$Millions as it never happened in any movie before. According to
Forbes, Disney is one of the most powerful brand in world with 19$Billion value
and the way they are booming it’s pretty clear they are not going anywhere from
Hollywood which is a direct threat sign for minor studios to become more
diverse or to be acquired by Walt Disney Co. in future. 


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