We a healthy body, recovery, workouts and for

We know that Protein is very important for a healthy body,
recovery, workouts and for proper functioning of our brain. Without protein, we
can not continue our daily works smoothly and our body will not support us for
a long time.


But, most of the protein we are getting from animals meat.
Meat has become an unavoidable part of regular diet for most of us. We also
know that consumption of meat is the major cause of health, environment and
humanitarian issues. So, when you think about all the problems than
plants and vegetables could be the best and natural solution of it.

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Here are some 5 Ways to Meet the Need of Protein/Nutrient Having No Meat

Let’s congratulate natural solution of our protein
supplement for our body. We have arranged here some 5 Ways to Meet the Need of
Protein/Nutrient Having No Meat.

1. Quinoa

The small seeds of Quinoa are full to brim with protein,
very flexible and simple to cook. One cup cooked quinoa supply about 8 grams of
natural protein and it could be increased with nuts, beans and chickpeas.
Moreover, it has 9 important amino acids and other nutrients among
the non-meat foods, including lysine. Lysine is important for the repair and
growth of our tissue. Quinoa has iron, fiber, manganese and
magnesium. It’s available at the color of black, white and red.

2. Dairy

If you want to leave meat to become a vegan, it could be
chose by you. The dairy like cottage cheese, Colby, Münster,
Swiss and cheddar could be the great source of protein. These are full of
protein with the rank of low sodium parmesan. It provides 100 grams protein
with 42 grams serving. Moreover, milk and eggs also give a large
amount of essential protein for our body. Dairy products are additionally good
supplier of high calcium.

3. Tofu

Tofu was looks like a boring vegan that the source of
protein and it has been turned into popular food stuff from breakfast
to diner, even in desserts as well. It’s a very flexible protein source to
be flavored wherever you want to add with chewy texture or creamy texture.
You can by soft or firm tofu depending on your recipes. You can get 10 grams of
protein from one cup tofu.

4. Nuts

Nuts are the easiest and tastiest way to meet the needs of
protein. All kinds of nuts, including pecans, cashews, peanuts and
almonds have good amount of protein. Its 1 tablespoon of peanut
butter provides 4 grams of protein. In case of salt, the USDA has recommended
to select unsalted nuts do to low sodium intake.

5. Black Beans

It’s the black beans that are the richest source of protein
and antioxidants along with other healthy minerals in it. They show the
content of strong antioxidant with their dark color. It has low
starch than others. The favorite way to consume black beans is to make
burritos. It supplies 8 grams of protein from ½ cup of black beans.


So, these are the 5 Foods to Get Protein/Nutrient without
Having Meat, but they are not all. There are many vegetables, fruits and plants
that are the good source of protein for healthy life.




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