We flexibility and autonomy as well as temporary

We believe that the most significant risk as Stanford implements their
new EMR system is the change in their work culture. Implementing such a system requires
a total redesign of internal workflow patterns. Everything from patient visits
to billing will change by a strikingly large amount. Clinicians will have to
become more well-informed of every step in the revenue cycle while having a clear
understanding of technology and processes. Some flak was received especially
from the ICU unit on becoming integrated with the rest of SHC. As mentioned in
the case, they saw little benefit of having an integrated EMR system “because
their practice is focused on a patient only at one specific time”. Safe organizational practices should be
established including training users properly, establishing a working
environment that is conducive to safe practices, and ensuring that the decision
support system is appropriate for the clinical tasks for which it is being used.
If the organization faces issues driving these steps such as some employees not
being able to adapt to new changes will only increase the risk. The EMR consists of well-structured processes, workflows and
decision support tools that may curb individuals’ choices, opinions and
behavior. Such factors may result in having less flexibility and autonomy as
well as temporary losses in productivity. Productivity loss arises from users
adapting and learning the new system, which may eventually lead to losses in

Having mentioned change in culture as the most
significant risk according to us, this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are
other risks as well that come with implementing the EMR system at SHC. One of the
biggest risks is loss of cost that comes with implementing such a system. The heavy
cost of implementation along with the ongoing maintenance costs, loss of
revenue associated with temporary loss of productivity pose a threat to SHC. The
costs include purchasing and installing hardware and software, making every
system go paperless, and training end-users. Failure to consider every
touch-point will result in increased operating costs associated with
duplication and remediation when issues arise.

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