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    We live in a world where people believe the false notion that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself. On the contrary in all reality doubt is necessary to truly see your hopes and dreams come to fruition. Bertrand Russell a British author eloquently states that he should even take his own opinion with some doubt. See doubt is necessary without it reckless and often preventable mistakes are made. With an absolute sense of certainty risk is always increased their should always be an ounce of doubt within every situation. In the past, we have historically seen people despite their doubts accomplish great things, Even today in our everyday life we see how doubt is necessary to push boundaries of our knowledge. Doubt is a central idea natural to humans that truly cultivates a person to learn discover and achieve more than any form of certentity would allow. Without doubt actions are better of never being done, because doubt always insures a more thorough and complete work and actions.History has always shown how us humans have overcome doubt. Take sending the first people into space. This was single handedly  the largest advance we had in the 20th century. This massive and world changing operation was accomplished through a consistent sense of doubt. There was no knowing if anything was going to work or if the astronauts were going survive and yet everything came together despite doubts of everyone involved. It is proven fact that doubt always develops a safer and better thought out operation. In the case of space imagine the operation was done with so called “absolute certainty”, it would be an absolute disaster from the start this is because of certainties long rap sheet of failure. For example take the American revolution the british imperialist thought the war would be an easy victory. While quiet on the contrary America won the war despite all odds and despite their doubt. History has numerous examples of this The French revolution, and the British in world war two and countless others are excellent examples of how doubt makes for well thought out and often well organized operations.Indeed a sense of doubt is a fine characteristic usually tied to an educated background and well thought out intellectual thinking. There is no ideology that should be touted as the be complete fact. In all actuality complete fact is never attainable no matter how extensive and futile the research or deliberation is. People that admit that they could be wrong or are always looking for more information on any given subject most often seem more educated and intelligent than anyone who states their opinion as fact. Doubt in one’s own opinions can open paths to new ways of thinking and new and changed ideas rather than a closed minded “certan” self made factual idea .Doubt develops unique and changing ideas, necessary for the deployment of truly intelligent thinking when compared to the socially acceptable closed minded “thinking” called “certainty.”One of the exemplary examples of what doubt has accposhideshed is science. Science  was first conducted to explore beyond the things people thought were “certainly” true. The type of thinking by both ancient and present minds is what drove many if not all advances through the centuries. Being compliant with so called “certainty” deneys all forms of creative thought as shown in science that is used to further or knowledge of everything that sounds us. Science has shown how changing ideas can lead to great things, and no idea is one hundred percent certain and is always subject to change. If doubt is a key component  in one of the most important fields of study that can literally change the world, should it be a regular part of our lives?  Truly doubt is necessary not only to further our own thinking but to change the world.   “Everything should be taken with a grain of salt” This ridiculously old phrase despite it’s overuse is one of the most important bits of information a person can be given at any age. It’s core argument is fairly simple; doubt what you here and don’t take it as fact. Not everything someone says should be held to standard of being true and should definitely encourage further deliberation and research before developing a temporary stance on the issue. The idea of certainty would lead one to believe that just because you are told something it is fact. The fact is believing someone despite their authority can cause instantaneous believe which can in turn become dangerous and even allowing misinformation or untrue skewed ideas of truth. Absolute trust in an opinion can be destructive and harmful it is best to doubt and doubt even what we believe because it is necessary to never let words worth a grain of salt dictate or views.   Doubt has made history, furthered our knowledge and developed some of the brightest minds of our species. Thoughts without doubt can best be described as worthless and void of all creative and self challenging thought. Challenging beliefs and denying certainty leads to great discoveries, new places to go, and new paths of thought to travel. Complacency can lead to a sluggish and unaccomplished ideas. Insead of being complacent. doubt! Doubt everything don’t settle for the known, settle for more. We humans are built to go find new things, explore and challenge the unknown. We must challenge ourselves to doubt what is said what is heard and what we believe because without doubt we have nothing to believe in.                                             


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