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We barely had
everything in our hands, we nearly attain a life with perfection, yet we are
the one making it more complicated, more of becoming a will-o-the-wisp. In our
world we can see those who are on the upper hierarchy of the society tends to
be the most self-centered, indolent, and impervious to the world they are in. “The
very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major
building block in the person we are today”, a quotation from the Pope Paul VI,
which mesmerizes this astonishing lady. Socorro Ramos, the owner and the matron
of all the branches of the most favorite bookstores in the Philippines –
National Book Store. A place where literature and art intersect and where
creative minds ideate and brings plans to a reality, this is what National Book
Store is. National Bookstore is presumably a standout amongst the most went by
shops in the Philippines. From its unassuming beginnings as a school supplies
and reading material store in Escolta, to its more than 150 branches across the
nation today – National Bookstore is obviously a piece of each Filipino family
unit. All because of the hard work and steadiness of Socorro Ramos, otherwise called
Nanay Coring. Nanay Coring, a role model of a representative who watched her
endeavors come up short numerous circumstances, at that point ascended from the
fiery debris to prevail with one more attempt at a similar time.


            As a young lady, Nanay Coring has
dependably been in the retail business, she helped her grandma offer organic
products at the neighborhood advertise in their home region. To discover better
open doors her mom chose to move to Manila. She went to a state funded school
and went up against numerous employments amid summer get-away – from wrapping
bubble gum to sewing catches on shirts. In the wake of completing secondary
school, her family did not have enough cash to send her to school. She at that
point filled in as a salesgirl at a book shop. It was there where she met Jose
Ramos, her spouse.


            Nanay Coring together with his husband Jose built their first shop in
Escolta. After their cash register, they coined the name “National Book Store”.
Be that as it may, things did not go tough from that point. In the 1940s, a
strict restriction on books was executed. Nanay Coring needed to put the books
away and fall back on offering cleanser, confections, and shoes. After the war,
the entire of Escolta was burned to the ground. This did not hose Nanay Coring
and Jose’s souls. They opened another little store. On this moment, they sold
the books they had beforehand secured. The Ramos couple could remake a
shanty toward the side of Soler and Avenida Rizal so as to get the blast of
post-war business, after the Japanese occupation. Utilizing the entryway of
their home as a counter, they began to offer again reading material, journals,
cushion paper, and pencils in time for the main after war school year in the
nation. Business went well mostly in light of the fact that exclusive a couple
of stores sold school supplies amid that time. Much the same as that, National
Book Store influenced its progress from being a general stock to store to a
store that offers books and that’s just the beginning.


            The war was not the only crises they’d
encountered but also the wrath of nature – a tropical storm. The building that
they developed was hurt when typhoon Gene entered the Philippines, pulverizing
numerous houses and property. Their home and store were cut down and all the
stock doused. Regardless, this did not chop down the Ramos couple. They worked
harder, they napped for only three hours every day contributing the straggling
leftovers of their vitality remaking the business. Definitely, through will and
confirmation, the Ramos couple could build up a two-story building complete
with mezzanine that would be their store for a significant long time.

                Of all the ordeals and pains she encountered, Nanay
Coring stood up and become a great conqueror. Yielding her business to expand
as of today she has extended the National Book Store chain into a domain that
traverses an assortment of different organizations, including distributing, a
music store, a retail chain, and a few other accommodation and gift shop.

            And of all her hardships in life,
shifts do happened at its end. Like Nanay Coring, she gained multiple and
magnanimous awards. She has been perceived for her extraordinary achievement
both in the Philippines and the world. She was the 2005 champ of Ernst and
Young’s Philippine Entrepreneur of the Year grant. Other striking honors
include: DTI Outstanding Filipino Retailer Award in 2001; The Outstanding
Filipino (TOFIL) Award in 2006 and Filipino-Chinese Federation of Business and
Professional Women of the Philippines Award for Business in 2007. However, what
is more interesting about Nanay Coring? It is because despite all the things
she has that she can brag on, she remained down to earth and never tried to put
pride within oneself. Let’s be like her, attaining success with greatness. 


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