Welford It is important to communicate effectively to

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work-related stress can easily be resolved by proper action plans and attention
from the management. In doing so, mismanagement is avoidable and a more
productive organization produces effective results.

Temporary Staff – it is inefficient to request for additional manpower when
there is a poor resource (E.g. workstation, laptop etc). Moreover, there is no
job scope assigned to this additional staff within the department. It is
advisable to allocate the staff to their appropriate position and department
based on their skills. To run a department with efficient operation, it is
important to focus on manpower utilization effectively. Human Resource Planning
consists of placing the right number and the right kind of people at the right
place and time. By doing so they are suited for the organization and can work
towards the goals and achieving the target setting together (Manpower Planning)

Resources to support permanent staff – This is important to support employee
with basic needs in a working environment, example, work table and desktop
computer. It is very demoralizing to “fight fire everyday”, meaning, hunting
for a working table with a computer to do the daily task.  With such poor arrangement, the employees
become less motivated, less engaging and less committed. It is important to
equip the employee with the right tools to ensure productive and efficient
performance.  It is important to
communicate effectively to solve the problem to create a positive and
productive environment for employees. A good employee’s workplace environment
creates motivation and happiness to the work they do. Applying Maslow’s
Hierarchy of Needs Theory – According to Abraham Maslow, those basic needs at
the bottom of the pyramid, such as food and shelter, must be met first, once it
is accomplished, employees seek to feel safe, such as job security and sense of
accomplishment. In view of these positive outcomes, employees can move higher
up the triangle.

Working Style – A leader or Superior must able to communicate the requirement
of a job scope or task clearly, precisely and effectively. By giving clear
directions, it minimizes repeated work and a lot of time-saving can be
achieved. As a leader or Superior, the Knowledge of work plays an important
role. Knowing the nature of work can win the trust and confidence of his
subordinates. The leader or Superior’s important factor is confidence, this can
be achieved through expressing the work efforts to the subordinates. By
explaining it clearly the role and guidelines, the goals can be achieved
effectively. Giving a proper guidance to perform the work effectively and
efficiently, the subordinate’s confidence and trust enable them to perform to
their best. These qualities of a leader or superior increase the value to the



poor resources at the workplace, the superior took a temporary staff with us,
who was with another department for three months. This additional staff caused
additional stress to my workload, especially when I have no workstation for
myself.  Moreover, my superior put me
fully in charge of this staff on top of my current responsibility. Adding to my
fear, this new staff have medical conditions and was required to be on regular
epilepsy medications. According to this new staff, these medications caused
sleepiness and short memory issues. As such, I had to coach and supervise him closely
to ensure he does not make any mistakes. This monitoring task was really
challenging which was taking away the focus on my work and other
activities.  Several times, I had
highlighted to my superior to save on resources, by attaching this staff to
another department who required more staff then we do, as we do not have
sufficient resources to support him. However, I was sternly advised by my
superior to allocate tasks for him that do not require any computer related
activities. I may have assigned manual task but again there is no working table
for this staff. I have decided not to highlight anymore and work in silence, in
another word, “suffer in silence”.

Stress at work – Additional Temporary Staff


day is a challenge to be in workplace, especially hunting for a working table
with a desktop computer. In view of the limited resources, I must look for
someone who is on leave or is on field work, to be able to use their desktop
computer to work on my reports and charts in preparation for the psychological
surveys. Mostly I can use the computer for few hours or half a day, as the
staff would return to the office after their field work. I will be privileged
to use the computer for days if only the staff from another department on long
leave. When using another staff’s desktop computer or working table, I work with
fear as many thoughts would run in my mind. The thought of not completing my
required tasks before the staff return to use their computers put additional
pressure on work. Every time I use another staff’s working table I must ensure
that I did not mess or moved any of their things especially their documents.
All these ensuring caused so much fear within myself. Fear can change people
into extreme versions of themselves and these extremes are not helpful as we lose
perspective and the ability to flex and adapt. When we are relaxed we have
choices but when we are frightened we seem to have none. (Welford.C,2013).  Therefore, an employee who fears for his or
her job can’t focus on high-performance goals.

 For Nearly 17 months, charts and reports were
produced without proper resources. There was no working table and desktop
computer for myself. As the workload increased, the management posted an additional
health psychologist to our office. The management was supposed to make all
necessary arrangement and preparations, eg. working table, desktop computer
& etc. to cater for the staffs in the department. The superior of the
respective department was supposed to write in for all these pre-arrangements.
In this case, the superior failed to so. As such the finance department did not
allocate any additional fund to support all these requirements. With this
feedback from the Finance Department, the superior instructed to give up my
place to the new colleague as she is holding a management post. Despite the
poor arrangement and depleted resources, the superior agreed to take in new
projects continuously. In such a situation, agreeing to work on too many
assignments and pitching for new projects leaves a person stretched and
stressed. (Knight.R, 2015)

Stress at work – Poor Resources to support permanent staff









superior’s poor communication in terms of assigning tasks, not giving proper
direction and requirement must be highlighted as poor management. Many times, I
must ask repeatedly for the required information for the preparation of the
psychology report and charts to avoid repeated amendment and changes. However,
every time the psychological reports and charts are send to him, he would
instruct us to amend it multiple times even though the initial information was
given by him. At times he may not be sure of what exactly he wants for the
entire report that was generated. Many times, he would have to check with other
colleagues from other departments and finalize the required style to be
prepared. This entire process of confirming the reporting requirement caused so
much time consumption. This made me feel that I did an unproductive job for
days till the final one is confirmed.

Stress at work –  Management Working

am working in the well-known organization as a psychological assessor for more
than two decades and am encountering various stress at workplace daily. Due to
this, my mood responses more negatively than positively when undergoing
frustration. When continuing to perform my normal work routine, the stress
level is developing and affecting psychologically. These effects have impacted
my health and I am undergoing tension headaches and developing mouth ulcers
regularly. At times, I feel exhausted whenever I am unable to meet deadlines
and expectations. Due to these difficulties, I am unable to prioritize work
tasks and failing to meet my goals setting is frustrating. When I am not facing
work stress, I have better control over the workload and can make good
decisions and to think innovatively.    

Situation at Workplace

to WHO (World Health Organization), the work stress occurs in a wide range of
circumstances and it turns out to be worst when employees feel they have little
support from supervisors. This can cause a negative impact on health and
performance. Nearly seven in 10 (69%) of employees say the behavior of managers
in their organization has increased stress. (Frith. B, 2016)

experiences greatly impact the health, performance, and behavior of a person.
Stress is the person’s reaction to a situation, not the situation itself. There
are many situations in organizational life that can be stressful. Work stress
is caused by demands and pressure from both Superiors and subordinates alike.
Unclear work, conflicting roles, and boundaries in thought process can cause
stress. (Michie. S, 2002)

are facing many new challenges in a variety of fields. One of the major
challenges is Work Related Stress. Stress is defined as a state of tension towards
the body and its reaction to physical, mental and emotional stresses. (The
Effects of Stress on Your Body).


at work


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