What Does The Shape Of The Mark Mean Marketing Essay

“ Imagine a universe where people reach is non limited by affair or distance. Imagine a universe where you can make closer to your dreams, ends and aspirations. Imagine a universe where this is what we do every twenty-four hours. ”“ Welcome to a trade name new twenty-four hours where Etisalat unveils and portions it ‘s new vision and mission with the remainder of the universe every bit good as our new trade name. Our new vision is merely every bit in the debut: A universe where people reach is non limited by affair or distance. Our mission is to widen people ‘s range. We do this through supplying the service and engineerings that enable people and concerns around the universe to widen them so they can make each other, their aspirations, aspirations and the best the universe has to offer.

”That was foremost two paragraph shared by CEO of Emirates Telecommunication Corporation ‘ETISALAT ‘ with his employees in the twenty-four hours of altering of the organisation Brand and scheme as apart of altering occur to confront the denationalization of the Telecommunications sector in the UAE. ETISALAT had dominated the Telecommunications sector in the UAE from 1976 to 2005 when the authorities allowed another operator to come in the market which is Emirates Integrated Telecommunications ‘du ‘ . In fact both of the organisations are Simi-government companies as a portion of their portions owned by authorities.Since 1976 ETISALAT has been the telecommunications service supplier in the UAE, and has built up a modern telecom substructure and established itself as an advanced and dependable operatorETISALAT stands 140th among the Financial Times Top 500 Corporations in the universe in footings of market capitalisation, and is ranked by The Middle East magazine as the 6th largest company in the Middle East in footings of capitalisation and grosss. The Corporation is the largest subscriber outside the oil sector to development plans of the UAE Federal Government, and is an award winning socially responsible corporation.

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Etisalat has besides won awards from across the part for its nationalisation plan.Apart from enabling the state with basic telecommunication services, Etisalat besides offers a scope of advanced and modern services that have served to place the UAE as one of the most advanced states in footings of telecom services. Mobile users enjoy the benefits of first-class voice and information applications like WAP, GPRS, 3G, MMS, Push To Talk, BlackBerry services and others. Enterprise and single clients on the fixed-line web besides benefit from services such as ATM ( Asynchronous Transfer Mode ) , Frame Relay, VSAT and ISDN.The Corporation offers fixed line services over the Following Generation Network, and has been migrating subdivisions of its users onto the advanced web.

The timeline for completion of migration is the terminal of 2007. By set uping NGN, Etisalat will be able to offer voice, picture and information over one individual beginning, enabling true Triple-Play functionalityMobile endorsers exceeded 4.5 million by the terminal of 2005, up 23 % from 2004. This represents incursion of about 100 per cent, a singular figure regionally and internationally. Internet and broadband incursion besides witnessed immense growing during 2005, with incursion at about 51 % .

Etisalat has concluded rolling understandings with over 265 operators, and even Etisalat ‘s prepaid Mobile endorsers can roll in many of these webs.In 1982, Etisalat was the first telecom operator in the part to present a nomadic phone service, and was one of the early adoptive parents of GSM engineering, presenting it to clients in 1994. Since so it has established itself as a regional innovator by presenting both 3G and MMS in 2003, and most late, the BlackBerry service in 2006.

As the The Thesis Being apart of Etisalat it required to show the company Vision, Mission & A ; Goals.Vision:

A universe where people reach is non limited by affair or distance.


To widen people ‘s reached.

Etisalat do this through supplying the service and engineerings that enable people and concerns around the universe to widen themselves so they can make each other, their aspirations, aspirations and the best the universe has to offer. .

Logo Rationale

In brief, the research findings confirmed that clients believed that Etisalat is non accessible. For this ground, Etisalat came up with the range construct, ask foring clients to find what range means to them.

What does the form of the grade mean?

Building on the open-ended significance of range, and on our values, Etisalat came up with this grade, go forthing it unfastened for people to make up one’s mind what the form means to them. The centre is crystalline and the colour fluctuation represents dynamism and motion. It can be perceived as spread outing sound moving ridges or H2O rippling making out in 360 grades. It can be a web, or a Frisbee. It can besides be a address bubble, a citation or a hot air balloon making the limitless sky.

Etisalat trade name is now filled with warm personal connexion with the clients and the market, it can now be perceived as a bosom, petal of a flower or a butterfly.The new grade carries our values:Optimism: with the transparent centreLovingness: represented in the curves, like two weaponries supplying protection when perceived as a bosom.Energy: the colour fluctuation depicts motions and dynamism. The form represents sound moving ridges, a balloon, a butterfly.Openness: the form starts from one point spread outing in all waiesEnabling & A ; Reliability: research confirmed that Etisalat is perceived as a really dependable trusty proficient service supplier. Etisalat provide services that enable clients to make their aspirations. This is now maintained in the new logo by maintaining the “ etisalat ” word grade.Simplicity: Represented in the whole form and with the missive “ vitamin E ” being represented in the word grade “ etisalat ”

Rationale behind the colourss

Late Sheikh Zayed, peace be upon his psyche, ever dreamt of green UAE, and this is the chief ground that extremely motivated us to keep the green that was present in the last two Son.

Etisalat is a UAE national company that is proud to transport the vision of its laminitis.Green is a delighting peaceable colour. It is fresh, immature and has limitless alimentary potencies. It is besides a move off from the industry norm i.e. telecoms companies by and large tend to utilize ruddy and blue in their individualities.

The word grade “ etisalat ” is in dark Grey with lower instance ‘e ‘ , to do it less formal yet highly dependable and professional.

International Investment

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited ( PTCL )

With a population of over 162 million, Pakistan is one of the most promising markets in Etisalat ‘s investing portfolio.In 2007, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ( PTCL ) continued its thrust to transform the company into a modern, customer-focused international communicating and information supplier, as portion of direction projects since 2006.PTCL made several investings in substructure development and added web capacity to heighten services and spread out its range across the state.The debut of Ufone, the new CDMA-based WLL platform, is poised to go the largest fixed radio telephone web in Pakistan.On the radio broadband forepart, a major ascent of the WLL CDMA web was rolled out in order to supply radio broadband services in 17 major metropoliss.Technical tests are besides in advancement and will be followed by a pilot undertaking in WiMax engineering.

PTCL succeeded in obtaining an IPTV licence from the regulator and the service will be launched in 2008This will be a landmark add-on to the PTCL service portfolio and will enable the company to supply Triple Play ( voice, picture and information ) services over a individual fixed line connexion.The client will be provided with a individual interface along with individual charge.The launch of ‘Broadband Pakistan ‘ was a major milepost in PTCL ‘s quest to supply clients with value-added services and convenience of usage.

PTCL took over the mantle as the dominant service supplier in Pakistan in merely five months after launch, underscoring its resounding success.Ufone the state ‘s 2nd largest nomadic service supplier, boosted its operations by turn overing out the state ‘s largest of all time enlargement of its web, deserving US $ 525 million.The new investing purposes to spread out capacity and coverage in bing and new metropoliss, every bit good as supplying high velocity cellular Mobile and radio informations services.By mid-2008 the two major enlargements will give Ufone coverage in over 4,500 metropoliss, towns and small towns, and all major main roads in the state.PTCL started reconstituting its work force in 2007 and the exercising is expected to be completed in 2008.These enterprises will function PTCL good in its program to germinate into a major force in the exciting and aggressive Pakistani telecommunications market infinite.

Etihad Etisalat – Mobily

Through the launch of High Speed Packet Data Access ( HSPDA ) , which allows high-speed broadband on Mobile, was good received by clients and added to client growing.

International understandings with Etisalat gave visitants to the state preferred rates during Hajj, and at that place was minimum or no perturbation in the web during this peak event in the Islamic twelvemonth.Points of sale now stand at 23 flagship shops and 104 Franchised Business Outlets ( FBOs ) , which means Mobily can be reached at all chief locations across the state.The Mobily web now reaches 93.7 % of the population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Mobily endorsers numbered 11 million by the terminal of December 2007, a growing of over 60 % in comparing to 2006.Market portion now stands at 41 % , and steady growing is expected to go on as merchandises and services attract clients by maintaining up with their demands and demands.In term of gross, Mobily grew by 44 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth, with net net income growth by 97 % .As a fiscal investing, Mobily has now reached fiscal breakeven in footings of profitableness, in line with outlooks and undertaking programs.

In line with its strategic growing programs, Mobily secured an Islamic loan of SAR 9.187 billion in March 2007.Mobily ‘s all-round development was recognized by investors and media likewise.It won the ‘Best New Service ‘ award at the Telecom World Awards Middle East 2007 Conference, every bit good as being named the ‘Best Gulf Joint Stock Company ‘ .ETISALAT INTERNATIONALEtisalat direction recognizes the importance and duty of equilibrating profitableness and growing with long-run sustainabilityOver the last five old ages, the Corporation has continued its high growing flight and has been increasingly looking beyond the boundary lines of the UAEAll of these enterprises are geared towards carry throughing its vision of fall ining the conference of major telecommunication participants in the universe.Its nucleus scheme for market choice remains woven around low incursion and high population.This is backed by strong market research on high growing potency, consumer behaviour, and value creative activity chances.

Today, clients demand non merely basic services but besides want to take advantage of the value concatenation in footings of merchandise and service sections.Innovation engineering offerings from Etisalat ‘s stable green goods a strong ‘me excessively ‘ component. Etisalat ‘s UAE scheme of presenting the latest engineering has established its repute across the universe, so its subordinates find it easier to come in new markets.As a consequence, Etisalat is heartily welcomed as a new entrant whose new merchandises and services are thirstily anticipated.As it expands its planetary footmark, the Corporation has been witting of guaranting that it optimizes the synergisms bing in regional markets such as the Middle East or West Africa. In add-on, it encourages sharing lessons learned in one operation with others.It has efficaciously utilized its experience of puting up Greenfield operations in Mobily in Saudi Arabia to the market in Egypt.

This ensured Etisalat ‘s Egyptian operations passed the 1 million endorser grade within 50 yearss of get downing operations.Over the old ages, Etisalat ‘s trade name equity has grown in profile. In order to leverage its strong trade name, the Corporation launches all Greenfield undertakings under the ‘Etisalat ‘ trade name.However, in acquired assets where there is an bing strong trade name ( like ‘Moov ‘ in West Africa ) , it nurtures and strengthens the bing trade name.In 2007 Etisalat acquired new assets and consolidated its place in bing markets.It entered two new and exciting markets – Nigeria and Indonesia. With their big populations and comparatively low incursion, these markets match Etisalat ‘s nucleus corporate scheme absolutely.

Aligned with the Corporation ‘s mission of widening people ‘s range, other assuring add-ons to Etisalat ‘s investing portfolio can be expected in 2008 and beyond.


Emirates Cable Television and Multimedia – EVision

EVision is the UAE ‘s taking overseas telegram Television supplier, offering close to 200 channels in over 21 linguistic communications and offering diverse scheduling suited to the diverse population base of the UAE. With the basic bundle entirely incorporating 85 channels, and other options including Showtime Cable, Orbit Vision, ART, Firstnet and Pehla, E-VISION is the most comprehensive overseas telegram Television supplier in the Middle East.

Service is now available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain, and is expected to be rolled out across the state shortly

Emirates Telecommunications and Marine Services FZE- e-marine

E-marine operates in the field of pigboat overseas telegram installing, care and fix throughout the part and beyond. E-marine is the lone company of its sort in the Middle Eastern part, and handles regional and international undertakings with easiness. This subordinate owns three to the full equipped overseas telegram ships and a modern overseas telegram terminal in Abu Dhabi.

Major international undertakings have been undertaken by e-marine including the recent block-2 of the SMW-4 overseas telegram, FOG and FLAG