What dynamics of the capitalist system and show

What is Marxism? The NYU journal (https://www.nyu.edu/projects/ollman/docs/what_is_marxism.php) describes Marxism as a doctrine created by Karl Marx. It is used to analyze the dynamics of the capitalist system and show that the working class could create a classless socialist society. Lord of the Flies was about group of boys who were marooned on an island after their plane was shot down and went on to create there own type of society. In the novel there are many examples of marxism that can be found as the boys begin to create there own self ruling society.
In the start of the book there was a plane accidents and there were no grown-ups that survived. So a gathering of children assigned the primary contract, Ralph to be their pioneer and to guide the children in what to do keeping in mind the end goal to have protection . The trouble was they required something beyond Ralph to lead them since it was exceptionally troublesome for him to be more than one place at once. All through the story they bear numerous issues, for example, kids not coordinating, and they find diverse approaches to approach managing their issues.
Amid their first meeting the children had assigned Ralph as their pioneer, and immediately he made gatherings to chase, fabricate protection, and make a flag fire. They were altogether expected to be equivalent and Ralph be the tyrant. In An issue emerged when the most youthful children were equivalent to the more seasoned children and it made clashes with more established fractional pioneers of the factions. This is similar to something described in the New Yorker(https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/10/karl-marx-yesterday-and-today). It states that modern industry and new modes of production made made everyone unequal when it came to status or wealth. A large number of the more youthful children though would not concentrate on their activity and when anybody other than Ralph would order them to work they wouldn’t tune in. Keeping everybody on errand was a noteworthy task of Ralph but his leadership wasn’t working for the most part in light of the fact that Ralph couldn’t be wherever without a moment’s delay thus now matter how hard he endeavored to keep everybody on assignment and working it was about unimaginable without assistance from more pioneers.
The fairness goes into disrepair in the story and pioneers rise, Ralph is as yet the primary pioneer yet he has different pioneers to deal with different assignments. Jack one of the seekers who was battling with Ralph for the pioneer position turns into the pioneer of the chasing. Simon ensures the fire is lit for a flag and Piggy deals with the safe houses and strengthens them. Human instinct defeats the children and particularly on the grounds that one child can’t hold the greater part of the obligation of such a significant number of individuals.
Golding communicates something specific all through the book discussing communism and why it doesn’t work and why free enterprise works better. By this we can assume that Golding was a capitalist which which Huffington Post (https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/8523486) as being a free enterprise political party. At that point when Ralph was allocating occupations to the children he was attempting to set them in a place that wasn’t really their most loved employment. On the off chance that the children could have picked their employments then they may of worked harder to achieve what should have been finished. In the story Golding expresses that you can’t drive somebody to do what they would prefer not to do in light of the fact that the political framework says they need to. On the off chance that a man as a decision on what to do they are considerably more liable to put their hear into it, make the most of their work and invest more energy to ensure it is done in the best quality. Golding feels that we should oppose communism and do what is in our human instinct, which is to have pioneers and have a decision on what we need to do.


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