What was the Nazi Youth like? The Nazi

   What was the Nazi Youth like? The Nazi Youth has a significant vote in Nazi Germany because with them it showed how Germany used education towards kids, forcing them to be in Youth groups at a young age, and turn them into loyal nazis.          Hitler thought that education was important to win over the Nazi kids. Education to create a loyal following was essential. In Hitler’s book he explains how important education was for his youth and how it was a way to gain more power over them. The children could not go to school unless they were apart of the Hitler Youth. Hitler wanted the education system to prepare them for war. He wanted a young generation that was “virile and strong”. That’s why P.E. took up 15% of their school day, because Hitler stated “a young german must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp steel”. Also those who failed this goal had a high chance of being expelled and humiliated. Their science had a military slant to it, which required them to learn about the study of shooting. Geography was the learning about how their land was taken in 1919 and how Hitler wanted more lebensraum(living space) for Germany. The girls on the other hand were taught different, they were taught about domestic science and eugenics. This would prepare them to be the perfect mother and wife.  Eugenics taught the girls about the different characteristics to find for the perfect husband and father.  Hitler said “The whole education in a national state must aim first of all not at stuffing the student with more knowledge but buy building bodies which are healthy to core” which meant that he didn’t want them to be taught thing that he thought weren’t important, all he cared about was that they were healthy enough for war. In Hitler’s View education was a sole purpose. The Nazis education system reflected a lot on Hitler’s educational experience. Biology became a study of the different races to ‘prove’ that the Nazi belief in radical superiority was a sound belief. He had a huge hate for intellectuals who based their teaching on things learned behind desks and lecture halls.      Hitler forced children to take roles at a young age. When the children became of age 10 they went into youth groups.There were different groups for the start of war one group was ages 10-14 and the other group was 14-18 this was for the preparation of becoming soldiers at the age of 18. Young girls were forced to take the role of a women. They were considered “youth” until they were pregnant or married, which was then considered to be womanhood. Young boys were forced to take the role of being in war, and killing people. The Hitler Youth was formed in the 1920’s. In 1933 a lot of people were very encouraged to join Hitler youth, but in 1936 it was no longer encouraged because then for the boys and girls it was almost impossible for them not to join. By the year 1937 there were about 5 million members in the Youth, that then made them the largest organisation in the world. There were separate groups for the girls and boys. Girls were forced to join the league of the german maidens. The germans didn’t even think the girls league was as important as the boys because they weren’t taught military services like them.       Hitler wanted to turn the youth into loyal Nazi’s. They were trained to become faithful to the Nazi party. Around september 1939 there were over 765,000 kids involved in the Nazi Youth. As months past and passed the number of kids going into the Nazi youth grew and grew. Even the teachers had to be loyal to Hitler. All the teachers had to go through an investigation by the local Nazi officials. If it were to prove a teacher was disloyal they were fired from being a teacher. Some of the boys were considered more ‘special’ than others and they went to Adolf Hitler school. There they were able to be the future leaders of germany. Six years of tough physical training took place, then when they left at the age of 18 they were to be able to go to either the army or a university.        In conclusion  part of Hitler’s power came from the Nazi kids. He used them to become a very powerful Nazi army. Hitler used the education to brainwash the kids into thinking like him and put these ideas into their head that most likely weren’t true.The kids were taught to kill and get ready for war and the girls were taught to be women and look for a man to basically just reproduce with. Instead they should’ve been like any other ordinary kid by not being forced to grow up so fast. There was a group of kids who did protest because they knew what they were doing wasn’t what they wanted to do. These kids were the swing kids, they did what they wanted and didn’t follow the rules. They didn’t agree that Hitler should make them do these things, so they rebelled.


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