When arts during those years. However, I have

When I was in the 9th grade, I started to
learn some graphic design programs, including adobe photoshop and illustrator.
Actually, it was a hobby in the beginning and I really enjoyed designing some
pieces of arts during those years. However, I have decided to take it to the
next level. I felt like I needed something more challenging than just enjoying
making some “scribble” designs. And that was it, in my 11th grade, I joined a
couple of clubs and teams as a graphic designer, even though my skills and
experiences were not that good!

In my first week, I received my first task
from my new club “STEM Legacy”. I remember that one design; it was mainly about
marketing and entrepreneur. After three days of working, – I was pretty slow by
the way – I was finally finished; I turned it in to the media committee members
waiting for the feedback. I was so excited to hear their opinions about my
first piece of art – at least I saw it that way – but I did not know that this
day was going to be my worst day ever. The president of media committee replied
to me and his reply was really shocking. “It is really bad, how is that even
related to marketing and entrepreneur,” he said.  He apparently didn’t like it neither any of
the media members did. I thought they would give me a round of applause or
something when they see the design haha!

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When I heard that, one part of me was
saying “Quit! Quit! Just walk away,” I felt that I cannot do go on
anymore. Then I realized that quitting wasn’t the right thing to do. So, I kept
practicing. Quite a few times, I felt that there is no point of that, I felt I
had pushed myself to my limits and I could not continue anymore, but I wanted
to rehabilitate my image and that kept me going and had me Practice and
Practice and Practice. 

When facing a challenge, it is easy to
quit. But if you want to achieve something, stick to it. Make a commitment.
Follow your goals!  keep the spirit up!

Three months later, I am the best member
of the months at that same club. I did it. I achieved my goal and I am really
proud of it. “Shoot for the stars,” my dad told me once, so I decided to do so
in every challenge and obstacle I face. And here I am – today – the president
of the media committee at that same club. Each time I face a failure I remember
a poem Dylan Thomas wrote. “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should
burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” It’s
about not giving up, but fighting for your goal with all your might. We should
not simply consent to setbacks, rather we should fight them and ensure that we
diminish them. Dylan Thomas wrote it originally for his sick old-aged father
with the intention of encouraging his father to not give up on his life easily,
but to resist going gently into that peaceful silence of death.

In a nutshell, Weaknesses, setbacks, and
failures are part of life. Our job is to eliminate them.


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