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When monitors were first created they were very large and took up a lot of space. If they were smashed they had very poisonous gas inside of them which could kill the user if they were exposed to it for too long. These monitors would have been barely 380P in resolution and would display very pixelated and distorted images.

In current time most monitors have a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which enable monitors to be a lot more portable by becoming flat screens and put into laptop computers which means photo editing and other programs can be run while the user is travelling and taking pictures/inspiration. The response times in monitors have also dramatically declined with a 1ms time being possible in the newest monitors. The response time helps the designer to be more accurate as it is getting as close to real time as possible meaning it is almost just like drawing with a pen or pencil.

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Monitor resolutions can now be up to 4k which offers highly detailed images for viewing by the user. 4K monitors help graphics users to put the most detail in possible, as they can see more of the image which the customer or others will see.

LED screen are becoming a new trend in the monitor market as they allow manufacturers to make super thin monitors from tiny LED lights. LED screens are used to create a brighter and more evenly lit screen, so graphics can be viewed at the same light level throughout rather than having a fluctuating light level in different areas of an image.


Printers have evolved a lot over the years, since its creation in the 1800s. When printers where first created they were very big, slow and didn’t print in colour or good quality. These were only used by the large newspaper companies and government to transmit the current news.

Printers have changed dramatically now and are being used for everyday use by most households and businesses. In the current age there are a wide range of different printer makes as well as different printing methods which are each good for different uses. These are the Laser Jet, the Inkjet printer, etc. All of which do the same thing but in different quantities, quality and finishing styles. Printers are now a lot smaller also and can fit under and on a small cupboard/desk depending on if it’s intended for home or industrial use. In the 1800s printers would be manual and the pages would be manually flipped by a worker every time they need to print on another side. Now however printers have a wide range of printing offers which are automated, 2 Sided, colours, black and white, leaflet fold, and booklet folds. Some printers can even staple pages together. Most printers are very affordable but do get very expensive if bought for commercial or industrial use/batches.

The everyday graphics user can now display their work without going to a printing company, in good quality and professionally for personal/commercial use therefore saving money. Gloss full page printers are also helpful for graphics designers to print out full size posters to pitch to a company or keep for their own branding use.

3D printers are the new craze in the printing world, they have been a thing for a long time for business use but are just coming into use for normal households but will cost a lot of money until they are more widely used. They allow designers to print out 3D sketches and models which have been created in special 3D editing software. Before 3D printers came into households, 3D designers would have to send their 3D artwork of to a 3D printing company to be printed, however now it is more convenient being able to print in your household but will still take 10 hours+ depending on the printer make and the complexity of the model.

Mobile Phones:

Graphics editing and creation on mobile phones is yet to reach its potential, this is because there are no apps which have found out a way to successfully integrate tools which Photoshop has, on a mobile phone. However, over the years the mobile phone has been out, it has evolved greatly into more than just a machine top text and call other users.

Mobile phones are now mainly smartphones which usually allow the user to personalise and download apps which they want to. This has allowed companies to make apps for graphics designers to edit and create images on the go although not as many tools are available. Tools such as Saturation, Colour Intensity, Lighting, and Crop are often a default for most popular smartphone makes such as the iPhone. These allow graphics designers to edit and release their images without having to import them into a special software such as Photoshop but won’t allow them to make major architectural changes.

Video apps such as Twitch and YouTube allow graphics designers to learn how to use different software’s while travelling, to apply when they get back to their computers. These videos are tutorials and are made by other users which use the app also.

In conclusion, output mediums have taken large steps in recent years in becoming more feature heavy a worth the money purchases. These changes have helped graphics users to be more portable in their editing by being able to sit near inspiration to complete their work. These mediums have also made it easier for edited images to be displayed to the world in an easier fashion.


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