Who or What is responsible for the problems that afflict the Bentleys ?

Responsibility is a morality held responsible for one’s actions capable of rational conduct. In Sinclair Ross’ novel, As For Me And My House, much interference has afflicted the Bentleys that have caused them problems and lead a difficult life. The townsfolk of Horizon cause this interference. However this interference is not the only one that has afflicted the problems faced by Philip and Mrs. Bentley of this story, as they are also to blame for their troubles or dilemma.

The reason for the support of the Bentleys being responsible for their own troubles is because all the way through the novel, Mrs. Bentley and Philip were growing much to themselves especially Philip. Also the actuality that Mrs. Bentley did not try to make Philip do what she told him to do led them to have a feeble association between themselves. This is because Mrs. Bentley stops telling Philip what to do and so they no longer shared each other’s way of thinking or thoughts to solve problems that they experience over and over again. Philip is the main character and is to take the blame for nearly all the responsibilities for the problems that are befalling them. A depiction of this is shown where they find themselves financially close to breaking point time and again, in the April 9th entry. Philip feels that he does not belong to the church and won’t insist on his salary. When Mrs. Bentley tries to tell him that he earns it, that he doesn’t need to feel ashamed or look upon himself as a kind of parasite, he looks at her quickly, then away, and the arrears of his salary are never collected. From this it is clear that Philip is responsible for this trouble that has been worrying them for a long time. He can insist on his salary but despite Mrs. Bentley’s suggestion, he does not do it because he feels he does not belong to the church.

Interference such as the Townsfolk of Horizon has been a source of bother for Philip. This has forced Philip to be unfriendly with the town because of his early days. The person responsible for Philips hatred of these people is his mother. His mother’s family were the owner’s of a little Main Street restaurant. To help earn his living Philip worked in the kitchen and helped wait on customers. They were drunken customers sometimes, who laughed suggestively about is mother and his birth. Gradually he came to feel that for all the ridicule and shame he was exposed to, it was his mother to blame. However some of the Townsfolk are good friends of Mrs. Bentley and have helped them in many ways. The biggest help that they may have done was to allow them adopt Steve, though he is taken away later by priests because of his naughty behavior. Mrs. Bentley and Philip are responsible for Steve’s bad behavior with the Townsfolk for the reason that Philip taught him to hate them and Mrs. Bentley, despite her knowing of this, She never told Steve that whatever Philip tells him is wrong. Steve’s bad behavior against the Townsfolk made them have a bad impression of him and the Bentley’s. From this incident it can be said that The Bentleys are responsible for the Townsfolk people’s hatred for them and having a bad reputation of them.

As a conclusion it can be said that the Townsfolk of Horizon and the Bentleys are responsible for the problems that are afflicting them.


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