Why Are There so Many Cultures? Essay

When you think about civilization. what do you believe of? Beliefs? Valuess? Well I think of what makes a individual who they are. what defines them as a individual. There are so many different civilizations in the universe. some are similar and others are wholly different in every manner. the list is ne’er stoping. but why? Why are at that place so many civilizations that exist? Culture is who you are as a individual and is based on similar beliefs between you and others. When you really think about it it’s a manner that connects you to everyone in the whole universe on a personal degree. So why are at that place so many civilizations if we are all the same? When you look at all the people that you see every twenty-four hours and really believe about all of the differences that you have with these people it makes you inquire how it all happened. How did we go from being the same people and believing about everything the same manner to being wholly different and holding our ain ideas and sentiments? Peoples try to be as different from everybody else as they can. It’s like a ne’er stoping race to be the most different. but in the terminal we all end up as the same people. so how is it even possible that there are so many differences yet we are the same? I interviewed instructors. and found that most of them said about the same thing when replying the inquiries that I had. It was like they all teamed up before I interviewed them and went over what their replies to my inquiries were traveling to be. This shows how similar we all truly are. When I was reading the interviews I was differing with all of the replies that they instructors had written.

They were stating things like how they don’t think that they are dissemblers. and how they think they are above pupils in every manner. I think that instructors should be above pupils educationally but non socially. When I saw that all of the instructors were stating the same thing during all of the interviews I thought that they weren’t truly being honest with me. and perchance were stating these things because they wanted to put a good illustration for me. and they knew that I would most likely be sharing the information they gave me with other people and/or perchance composing an explorative essay about why there are so many different civilizations. ?? So they wanted to do certain that they didn’t say anything to risky. Or something that they could acquire in problem for. I remember when I was approached by a individual of the opposite sex. and he was inquiring if I was interested in his adult male friend. ( HELL YEA I WAS ) So I told him something that his friend would desire to hear ( He was cute. existent cute ) . I said what he wanted to hear because I knew that the cat who approached me was traveling to state his friend what I said. and perchance others. In my book “The joy fortune club” the female parents want their kids to get married other people of the same faith. because they have the same life manner and manner of making things. They don’t want their kids to be populating a different manner than them. because the female parents think that any other civilization or faith is incorrect. This made me inquire if this is a large ground as to why there are so many different civilizations.

Peoples may merely be making new civilizations to be accepted into others. If one individual wants be accepted into person else’s civilization they may take their ain civilization and alteration it so that they can be accepted in both civilizations. One clip I had a friend who was Caucasic but wanted to be accepted into the African American community. so he decided that he would move like he was of the African American decent so that he would be liked by said African Americans. I think that that is a truly stupid thing to make. I believe that you are created the manner you are for a ground and you shouldn’t have to alter yourself for person else. When I think about how many different civilizations there are I realize that this great state is full of so many different people that no 1 knows about because they are non interested in traveling to happen them. Because people are excessively lazy to travel out and happen the other civilizations that exist in this universe. they get bored of the civilization or subculture that they are in. so they make up a new one to carry through their civilization nothingness. After a piece there are so many different civilizations that civilizations lose their significance and the same thing supports go oning over and over and over and over and over once more. therefore making more and more civilizations. I truly hope that Mrs. Goldson has stopped reading this by now and has given me the A that I justly deserve. To be connected to a civilization you have to hold similarities with the people in that civilization. for illustration I am portion of many civilizations such as the ruddy caput civilization. White as snake pit civilization. the Gateway High School civilization and many other civilizations. . But for now I’m traveling to speak about civilization and all kinds of entropy that comes along with it. Did you know that some people believe that merely people who are the same can be in the same civilization. so lone black people can be in a civilization together and merely white people can be in a civilization together and so on and so forth. Cultures are what make the universe we live in so diverse and interesting. Although there isn’t a full and right reply as to why there are so many different civilizations we should merely
come to the decision that it merely shouldn’t be argued with.

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