Why I Want to Be an Army Officer

Why I want to be an Army Officer Over thirteen years ago, as a young Private First Class, I had the same attitude as most Soldiers when they enlist into the Army; four years and I’m done. However, over the past thirteen years I have come to embrace all that the Army stands for. I have adopted the Army values and made them my own. The biggest change came when I was advanced to the rank of Sergeant and I realized that I enjoyed nothing more than to lead, train and mentor Soldiers.

Since the day I pinned on my first Non-Commissioned Officer stripes I have sought out different leadership positions available, from squad leader to section chief. In those leadership positions I have had the honor of making a difference in each Soldier’s lives. The time has come in my Army career to take the next step. I have come to a point in my life that I cannot imagine myself without an Officer Rank on my chest. Just as I dreamt one day in being a good Sergeant, I aspired to be the best Sergeant I could be.

Competing at the Army level as a Sergeant was not for pride or show, but to strive for excellence in my leadership. I felt that if I could push myself to strive for excellence, then I could set that same example for my Soldiers. I have the greatest desire to make myself invaluable to the people I serve for and with. Bottom line, I want to be an Officer to lead. I want to lead from the front. I want to command and set the best environment for my Soldier’s to learn, grow and excel. I want to improve my family’s life style.

I want to be able to send my son to the best schools. I want my wife to be able to continue her professional growing. I believe that I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Officer Ranks. I consider myself a good technician, but also a good leader. I find myself many times taking the initiative in the lack of guidance. It is in my nature to mentor, train and set the example for others to follow. I want to be a part of the process of decision-making. I am a problem solver. I want the responsibility, honor and privilege to Command and lead troops.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and I certainly have rough edges that need to be refined, but I am ready for the change. I will put my Soldiers, my Unit before myself; I will act quickly and accurately, even in seeking guidance, never leaving a Soldier to wait on me to make up my mind. I will stand by my decisions and I will take responsibility when I am wrong; and most importantly I will do what is right even when no one is looking. I fully accept the responsibility that lies before me. Mario Santiago SSG, USAR Squad Leader


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