Why Refugees Have To Flee There County Social Work Essay

This paper focuses on mental wellness issues experienced by refugee adult females in Australia post-resettlement. It provides the fact and analysis portion based on the apprehension that each group of refugee adult females has specific demands, alone issues refering mental wellness and different response to the issues due to their diverse backgrounds. Therefore, to give an in-depth overview of the issues, this paper takes cultural, political and gender dimensions to analyze the issues. The first portion will analyze the ideological model and gender issues underpinning the state of affairs. The 2nd portion will analyze the state of affairs with a rights-based attack. International, National and Local Politics impacting the workshop and relevant undertakings will be taken into consideration in the undermentioned portion. In the 4th portion, cultural issues and workshop context will be examined. The concluding portion will see the nature of the workshop and its long-run impacts.

An ideological model underpinning the state of affairs and gender considerations

The state of affairs will be explained through the lenses of feminist theory, and schemes used by the community development workshop will pitch towards feminism.

The state of affairs about mental wellness issues among refugee adult females in Australia is rather typical as the subjugation of refugee adult females to which all adult females are subjected in one signifier is intensified by racial favoritism against cultural people and some peculiar cultural context. Before resettling in Australia, refugee adult females in peculiar are required to undergo the complex procedure which is non explained to them ( explosive detection systems Ferguson & A ; Pittaway 1999 ) . The deficiency of information about the procedure outputs confusion among those refugees and makes them afraid to uncover some information such as sexual torment and symptoms of injury to in-migration functionaries, particularly male functionaries. It is apparent that these symptoms can prevent them from the grant of a visa ( Mollica, 1988 ) .

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Aside from the in-migration procedure which does non pay attending to gender significance, emphasiss of mundane life in a new environment and patriarchal household construction is another factor lending to mental unwellness. In the post-resettlement, it is hard for refugees to happen a occupation in the host state as most employers give precedence to appliers who are of the same race as them. English proficiency is another barrier to refugees to be employed. There is grounds shown that refugee adult females become victims of choler vented by their hubbies. Failure to acquire a occupation and shame in being unable to exist their household as a breadwinner cause many refugee work forces to utilize domestic force, runing from incest to married woman whipping, as a signifier of exercising their domination and maleness to retrieve power and control in their household ( explosive detection systems Ferguson & A ; Pittaway 1999 ) . Based on some civilizations, revelation of household personal businesss in populace is considered as culturally inappropriate behavior ( Milani, 1992 ) . These aforesaid experiences can non merely trigger mental unwellness but besides disempower their voice. Furthermore, their silence Fosters male-dominated constructions. In add-on to a maternal function in child-rearing, some refugee adult females are involved in exploitatory work due to the demand for income. This economic push factor perpetuates the barbarous rhythm of subjugation and validates favoritism against refugee adult females on the footing of gender and race.

Under these fortunes, the sole community development workshop based on feminist schemes of authorization is proposed to do a sustainable betterment in the mental wellness of refugee adult females in footings of policy and service proviso. Although many alterations have been made to policy and services, they are based on ‘gender impersonal ‘ ( explosive detection systems Ferguson & A ; Pittaway 1999 ) . Besides, the demands of female refugees are non specifically addressed on the evidences of cultural differences and psychological sensitiveness of adult females. The workshop will use female staff as workshop facilitators and invite assorted refugee adult females from different civilizations to take part in the workshop, so issues and demands will be presented from a gender position. Harmonizing to a feminist bookman, an all-women ‘s group curative attack will authorise refugee adult females as a group and enable them to formalize each other ‘s strengths every bit good as develop common support systems ( Butler, 1985 ) . By ways of ask foring female refugee participants, the workshop can be regarded as a channel to run into with other refugees who suffer from similar jobs and construct informal societal ties. This sort of relationships can further female refugee communities and bring forth positive mental wellness results ( Markovic & A ; Manderson, 2002 ) . These feminist schemes of the workshop guarantee that the demands of female refugees will non be overlooked in the patriarchal constructions.

A rights-based analysis and attack ( Human Rights Assessment ) to the state of affairs

The Australian authorities has established a wide committedness to protecting refugees through its acceptance of international conventions. The Government of Australia has ratified the 1951 Convention associating to the Status of Refugees, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women ( CEDAW ) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ( ICCPR ) . Through these instruments, the Government of Australia has affirmed the undermentioned rights and duties:

aˆ? An duty to supply intervention and societal security with regard to public aid to refugees ( Article 23 and Article 24, Refugee Convention )

aˆ? An duty non to enforce punishments or punish refugees for their manner of reaching ( Article 31, Refugee Convention )

aˆ? A responsibility to set about steps to extinguish favoritism against adult females in the field of wellness attention in order to guarantee entree to wellness attention services ( Article 12, CEDAW )

An duty to handle individuals deprived of their autonomy with humanity and with regard for the built-in self-respect of the human individual ( Article 10, ICCPR )

Unfortunately, these committednesss have non translated into pattern. A policy of compulsory detainment for all refugees and refuge searchers who arrive by boat on its shores was implemented throughout Australia. As it can be seen from the 1999 impermanent protection government and the Border Protection Act of 2001, refuge searchers were detained in Pacific Island Nations during the drawn-out period of refugee position finding ( Heiser, 2002 ) . Those asylum searchers were detained in hapless conditions for over one twelvemonth ( Project SafeCom, 2008 ) . Australia ‘s intervention of refuge searchers in this respect was in direct dispute to Article 31 of the Refugee Convention and Article 10 of ICCPR.

Despite the fact that this ‘Pacific Solution ‘ has come to an terminal and over half of detainees were released on impermanent protection visas ( TPV ) , the impacts of mental wellness on those detainees still last. To see the entree to services including mental wellness attention services, those keeping a TPV, including female holders have highly limited entree to the services in comparing to those who become Permanent Protection Visa ( PPV ) holders ( DIMIA 2003c: 25-7 ; DIMIA 2004b: paragraph 4.4 ) . It is the writer ‘s contention that as rights holders with equal human self-respect, those TPV holders should hold the same right to equal entree to services as PPV holders. The ground is that they all are bona fide refugees with tenable fright of persecution regardless of what legal position they have been offered.

As community development facilitators, the writer and the workshop squad feel that we have an duty to supply penetration into specific demands of refugee adult females and recommendations about services based upon the refugee communities ‘ considerations to the Australian authorities ( as a primary duty-bearer ) and other relevant stakeholders such as the Refugee Council of Australia and service suppliers.

Politicss impacting the workshop

Refugee issues have become politicized and controversial issues as some believe that such issues are related to national sovereignty. Even though the UN Executive Committee ( ExCom ) has given recommendations about refugee protection to the authorities of Australia on behalf of international community, Final determinations are made upon the Australian authorities ‘s considerations.

The authorities has made positive stairss in policies refering refugees and refuge searchers such as the amendment of the 45 twenty-four hours regulation which ameliorates the wellness attention state of affairs of refuge searchers ( Public Health Association of Australia ) . Furthermore, in the policy procedure the authorities provides channels for public and other stakeholders to hold a say in the name of ‘Civil Society ‘ by showing their point of views in the signifiers of verbal recommendations or written entry. It seems to me that these proactive actions of the authorities pave a manner for the workshop to be conducted efficaciously so that we can take farther actions for the improvement of the policies and services.

Aside from the authorities, public sentiment should be taken into considerations. Public polls show that bulk of local Australian people support the authorities to supply protection and intervention to refugees. Taking the 2002 study conducted for Unions NSW as an illustration, Over half of the population agreed that refuge searchers are bona fide refugees and their right to seek protection should be upheld ( Refugee Council of Australia, 2010 ) . Another illustration is the 2009 Amnesty International canvass. Harmonizing to the canvass, about 70 % of people believe that one group of refuge searchers should acquire the same equal intervention as another group ( Refugee Council of Australia, 2010 ) . The writer believes that the public support will positively impact the workshop and its overarching end by seting force per unit area on the authorities to do a policy reform and better public services available for refugee adult females.

Cultural issues

There are many issues lending to mental wellness of refugee adult females. The issues are perceived otherwise by different civilizations. The undermentioned issues are some factors detrimental to mental wellness of the refugees.

Family – Many cultural refugees gave foster attention to some kids whose parents had passed off. They took those surrogate kids into their households without legal papers and see them as household members. However, the state of affairs is debatable when they seek relocation in the 3rd state. Without certification, these surrogate kids are non recognised by the host authorities so that some refugee surrogate female parents have to go forth those kids behind. Their concerns and concerns about the kids can hold a negative impact to mental wellness of refugee adult females.

Private matter – this issue is seen as a hinderance to mental wellness workers. Many counselors may misdiagnose and administrate an wrong redress as refugee adult females do non uncover the cause of their symptoms. Some cultural refugees do non unwrap their persecution narratives in public and stamp down their heartache and loss due to their cultural restraints. Vietnamese female refugees, for illustration, keep the traditional belief to maintain their household jobs concealed and blasted themselves unable to maintain felicity among household members when household jobs occur ( explosive detection systems Ferguson & A ; Pittaway 1999 ) .

Stigma – In non-western civilizations, there is a belief that mental illness consequences from external factors. For case, Buddhists believe that mental job is a consequence of one ‘s karma ( ed Barnes, 2003 ) . This spiritual belief prevents many refugees from seeking aid for their psychological jobs because upon the belief there is no manner to remake what one misconduct in old lives. Mental wellness job besides breeds shame and stigmatises refugees in this respect, so they would prefer non to accept any intervention for mental unwellness. In contrast, in Moslem civilization a mentally-ill individual is considered advanced and originative ( Okasha, 1999 ) . Therefore, the individual may believe that it is non necessary to travel and see a psychologist.

From the aforesaid issues in associated with civilizations, it can be seen that this sort of cultural issues challenge mental wellness workers and service suppliers as the issues make the state of affairs even more complex. Some workers would perchance waver to administrate therapy to refugee adult females as they doubt whether they cross the line of cultural rightness ( eds Ferguson & A ; Pittaway 1999 ) . Hence, some service suppliers attempt to get the better of this cultural challenge by utilizing workers or translators from the same cultural background as refugee clients. However, the jobs still persist owing to a deficiency of skilled workers coming from the same civilization base ( Zivkusic, 2009 ) .

The nature of the workshop and its long-run impacts

With acknowledgment of the short-run continuance of the workshop ( 4 yearss ) , the writer realises that the workshop can non do great impacts to back up the rights of refugee adult females without the aid of other stakeholders: the authorities, service suppliers and relevant administrations. The workshop staff is non in a place to influence policy reform, but provides a infinite for refugee adult females to hold a greater say in their mental wellness concerns, service proviso and in what action/whose action they specifically need to set themselves in a new environment. Based on the nature of the workshop, i.e. short-run continuance and self-funding entity, it is necessary for the workshop staff to work in partnership with the Refugee Council of Australia to supply the stakeholders with primary-sourced information extracted from refugee adult females to better current policy and services offered to refugee adult females. In footings of policy reform, farther actions from other relevant administrations and experts every bit good as public support are needed in policy protagonism. It goes far beyond the responsibility of workshop staff to supervise that those service suppliers offer services based on particular demands addressed by refugee adult females who participate in the workshop. However, the writer assumes that those service suppliers will alter constructions of their services from service-led constructions to client-led constructions.

Working closely with refugee adult females and the workshop ‘s spouses, those refugee adult females will recover their psychological wellbeing and unrecorded fruitful lives in Australia. The writer recognises that it takes clip to do the long-run impact by accomplishing this purpose and do a alteration in social constructions, but the writer assumes that the workshop staff is really happy in every incremental measure they take.


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