Why the American Civil War Was Necessary Essay

History Term PaperThe Civil War. besides known as. “The War Between the States” . was necessary. made many positive stairss for the great state to unite once more and to integrate slaves as citizens of that state. The South refused to compromise approximately bondage and they decided to make their ain constitution.

The Confederate States of America. President Abraham Lincoln’s end coming into the war was to unite all the provinces and to alleviate African-Americans ( World Book ) . I agree with both of those statements and see them to be valid grounds for war.First away.

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if bondage was to be abolished in all of America. the North needed to take action. The words exchanged back and Forth between the divided state were non acquiring anyplace. The South were really obstinate and continued to trust on slaves to make most of the difficult labour.

They ever seemed to be unsatisfied with Torahs and Acts of the Apostless passed which caused them to divide from the Union.One effort for an understanding between the parts was the Compromise of 1850. This via media tried to do everybody happy about the issue of bondage in provinces. The things that pleased the Northern provinces were that California was assumed a “free state” . break one’s back trade was ended. and that the districts of New Mexico and Utah would hold popular sovereignty.

The one big plus for the South was that the Fugitive Slave Act was passed.The Fugitive Slave Act. was a really condemnable subject.

It stated that all slaves must be returned to their proprietors. and it was one of the chief causes of the Civil War. When the Pearl Incident occurred. which was when “76 slaves tried to get away from Washington D.

C. ” people had assorted reactions ( Wikipedia ) . Once once more there was an statement covering on the subject of slaves and bondage between the North and the South.When Abraham Lincoln was elected. which by the manner he did non have a individual electoral ballot from a Southern province. he pledged to forestall the enlargement of bondage. However.

he did non state anything about stoping it in provinces where it was already present. None of this persuaded the South and they started up their menaces of sezession. Negotiations continued until eventually the first provinces started to splinter.

and on Febuary 9. 1861 the Confederate States of America established their ain authorities. “The original seven provinces included South Carolina.

Mississippi. Florida. Alabama.

Georgia. Louisiana. and Texas. ” Once Lincoln sent out for military personnels. several more Southern provinces followed their lead.

These included Virginia. Arkansas. North Carolina. and Tennessee ( Wikipedia ) . This authorities didn’t work good and in clip they lost the war.At the clip of the American Civil War.

the per centum of white households populating in the lower South who owned Afro-american slaves was 36. 7 % . “The entire slave population in the South was 3. 500. 000 in 1860” ( Wikipedia ) . Blacks were impotently being forced into labour in the South and many rebellions sprung up but did non assist much.

President Lincoln was good cognizant of what was taking topographic point in the Confederate States and he tried to make something about it during the War ( 119. Jordan ) . It was really unjust for the South to trust on slaves for their labour. They didn’t pay the African americans barely anything at all. they treated them like soil.

and they worked from morning until twilight. A state that is based on this type of economic system was doomed from the start.On September 22.

1862. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. This order consisted of two different orders.

Slaves populating in the Confederate States of America were free. The other portion of the announcement described the exact provinces that this applied to. Alternatively of when the Union captured Confederate slaves and returning them to their proprietors.

now they could liberate the slaves. and enroll them to fall in in on the cause for complete abolishment and fusion.Following the Proclamation. African americans could take part in the War. After abolishment nevertheless. they were still to a great extent segregated.

but they at least got to fall in in. In the Union ground forces. African americans were wholly in the same groups when contending and were led by white work forces. Normally they were put in bad places. but they still got the opportunity to contend for their freedom and earned regard amongst each other. On the other manus. in the South. African americans had no pick.

If their proprietors wanted them to contend. they would enlist them into the Confederate ground forces. Obviously. non many of them wanted to because after all.

the Southern provinces were combating for the right to go on on with slaves.Another act passed that dealt with the stoping of bondage was the Act Forbiding the Return of Slaves. If Afro-american slaves were caught by the South before this by the South. they were shot. It threatened dismissal from service if one was to return a slave to their former proprietor. The United States Congress made it one measure closer to stoping the immorality and barbarous times of bondage of African-Americans and any other individuals forced into labour. This voided the act passed earlier.

The Fugitive Slave Act.On December 18th. 1865. the 13th amendment was declared.

It ended and abolished bondage. Before it was confirmed. bondage was still present in Delaware and Kentucky.

This amendment gives full power to the Congress to implement it. Still today this is in consequence to forbid bondage.After African-Americans were free from bondage. they needed aid urgently. so the Congress unquestionably to help them.

On March 3rd. 1865. the Freedmen’s Bureau. This was a plan set up to freshly freed work forces and adult females. The chief aid it provided was in instruction.

“By 1870 there were more than a 1000 schools in the South for freedmen” ( Freedmen’s Online ) .A 2nd ground why the American Civil War was necessary was because our state needed both the South and North parts to last. Each part relied on one another for resources. and when it’s all merely one state it is a batch easier to merchandise around. The North was a greatly industrialised zone at the clip. while the South was extremely agricultural. There are some things that merely depend on your geographical location. You can’t turn a certain works merely anyplace.

The South happened to be a great topographic point for raising harvests of assorted types. Up in the northern subdivision of America. they realized this and there was a more industrial attack.A successful state is built up on many different positions and thoughts put all together. When everything is assorted together it do s a more complete state that can be good to more than one specific group of people. Sometimes when a job arises.

it’s better to confront it and do via medias. Rather than turn away and do your ain regulations. like the Confederate States of America.28 major conflicts subsequently. Generals Grant and Lee met up at Appomattox tribunal house where Lee. of the Confederates.

surrendered. The North had eventually won the war that was fundamentally over bondage. The concluding footings were written out by Union General Grant to Confederate General Lee: ”General R. E. Lee. General…This done.

each officer and adult male will be allowed to return to his place. non to be disturbed by the United States governments so long as they observe their words. and the Torahs in force where they may reside” ( Surrender Footings ) .

In this it clearly states that Grant wants a really peaceable understanding. He was overpoweringly generous to give Lee and the remainder of the Confederate soldiers such footings. They got to maintain all their cogwheel and merely travel place. Equally long as they follow the regulations of where they reside. they get off clean. Lincoln reached his end of salvaging the Union after all.

Excessively bad he merely experienced a peaceable state for a short piece. 6 yearss after the Confederates surrendered. Lincoln was assassinated. John Wilkes Booth murdered him on April 16th. 1865.

Lincoln was a genuinely singular adult male with great ethical motives. He was a strong protagonist equal rights for all worlds and believed bondage was unethical. He decidedly made great paces for our state. The best thing for America was to be one solid state and to work together and he knew it.

At the clip there was a big figure of people who thought he was brainsick. including all the southern provinces. If they could merely see now what our state is like and that it is reasonably much based on Lincoln’s different rules.

He ever looked at each and every issue from both sides of the statement and made a determination on what was better for the state ( Abraham Lincoln ) . Extremist Congress’ chief end was to help African americans to incorporate into the society and the 13th amendment was passed.Overall. the Civil War was an exponential factor in the abolishment of bondage.

it aided in the fusion of our state every bit good as in other issues excessively. Sometimes force is the reply in order to acquire a message across. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t traveling to allow the Confederate States of America fly. A larger state with greater and more varied resources will make better than two that specialize in something.

The North and its industrialised part and the South with its agricultural facet together do a complete kingdom.Bondage is and was the most barbarous thing that can take topographic point in a state. Cipher should of all time be forced into labour with no wage and awful intervention. Slavery is the ultimate abomination in United States history and we would non about every bit far as we are in our Torahs sing equal rights without the Civil War. Although we can non wipe out the past.

we can look back and look up to the ends and aspirations of the Northern ground forces as they clashed with the Confederates towards freedom and justness for all humanity. and to make a individual. powerful state of the United States of America.Bibliography“Abraham Lincoln. ” Past Presidents. 19 Dec. 2007.“American Civil War.

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