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with Descartes a major tenet of modernphilosophy is that the world is knowable they stress objectivity and the factthat people can understand the world by looking at it by using their sensesoftentimes though that is debated among certain philosophers there’s a generalhope and an optimism that the world could be understood and through that understandingman could progress and they could grow and they could learn but it was thatvery optimism that made way for post-modernism in the late 19th century postmodernists realized that the progress promised by the modernists was not comingto fruition in reaction to this they reverted to a more subjective take onphilosophy post-modernism rejects absolute truth and single interpretations ofart and literature the two really ought not be compared though for all thebrilliant work that came out of the modern period and the geniuses that madethat work post-modernism is nothing more than a fad and one that in my opinionhas already begun to pass away