With knowledge demand it’s clear that knowing what

With rapidly evolving industry
of hospitality and tourism it has always been trying to stay a step ahead thus
with the tricks and gimmicks that instantly fade it takes a sharp mind to
observe and separate them from the core concepts that are ever evolving the
trends include the ever growing demand of the international knowledge thus
global going strong. As per the world travel and tourism council (impact 2012) there
has been a rise in travel majorly focused on the industry of tourism and
hospitality industry globally thus for instance in the united states there is a
forecast of nearly 30% rise in global arrivals hence the international demand
for knowledge can be seen from the many enrollment of students in a course in
hospitality as compared to other courses hospitality is the one said to be
having less unemployed graduates.

As it is widely known in the
current 21st century it referred as the digital referrals as well as
the power of what can be posted on the websites through the user user-generated
review sites widely known as the digital word of tongues. This digital referral
can in a major way impact a business revenue this can either happen through
advertisement or rankings online which later becomes an offline conversation as
per the (2012 luxury trend report )over 34% consumers consider online ads and
commercial adverts extremely effective in selling and market.

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According to (Jacquerida, derrida
2002) the existing philosophy of best customer service it’s important that the
service provider of hospitality to give first class attention and service to
their clients due to their major role in the entire industry of hospitality and
its management for maximum satisfaction to their clients which directly leads to
maximum profit with the current trend of knowledge demand it’s clear that
knowing what your client values the most so as you can strive to satisfy
his/her needs this trend can be directly be associated with the best customer
service philosophy. Best customer service is in this digital era has a big role
to play digitally for

example if a hospitality
facility has an online platform in which clients get to share their experiences
as well as a compliance system with this trend I believe much of the philosophy
was taken into consideration due the quality assurance levels which are
directly associated to customer’s satisfaction.

In the philosophy of
hospitality the point of customer or client relationship has highly been given allot
of ink solely because of the impact it has to the hospitality industry (Jacob
Tomsky,2012) this philosophy has allot of impact on the current trends in this
and the previous century thus with a good relationship between hospitality
providers and their consumers it’s a gain and gain situation the philosophy has
also contributed to the digitalization of hospitality thus you might find a
client following the hospitality facility even sign in for their newsletter.

Hospitality has been present
from the early days that’s creation. But its observable to say it’s no longer
as small as it was thus this is evident for example restaurants are no longer
considered as accommodation facilities but they hold a high responsibility now
like hosting meetings and seminars of which never used to be the case before

Digitalization of the entire
system from the old system this is has brought about growth and made it much
easier to predict profit this is through the online booking system, using the
apps or smart phones in service delivery and employment of tech knowledgeable


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