With of the most satisfying parts of gardening

With technology at our
fingertips at every hour of the day, it feels like people have moved
farther away than ever from nature. The more connected humans have
become to each other the more it seems that people are suffering from
stress and depression. It’s important for folks to remember to
reconnect with nature and not to understate the value of a well
maintained garden.

It Can Help with
Depression can be killer and
it is not small thing to deal with. It can affect anyone anywhere at
any given time and when it can be incredibly difficult to pull out
of. One way to treat depression, however, can be through gardening.
Studies have shown that gardening can lift the mood and assist with
symptoms of depression. Instead of juggling so many tasks throughout
the day, focusing on a singular quiet task can be calming and help a
person focus.

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Why choose to garden then
when there is so much entertainment available to us one might ask.
Multiple studies have shown that all the media and social networks
that connect us to the world can actually cause more depression,
either by overwhelming the senses or interrupting sleep cycles. This
is just more reason that getting out is the better solution for
treating depression.

Sunshine Improves Mood
Most folks don’t think about
this, but sunlight is actually good for your health. When skin is
exposed to sunlight it absorbs precious vitamin D which can greatly
improve one’s mood. The sunshine paired with fresh air can do wonders
for a person’s health, making them feel happier and more relaxed.

The Joy of Creating
One of the most satisfying
parts of gardening is seeing the results of one’s hard work and
dedication. It’s not just the idea of making something either as
progress can actually be seen each day as the plants steadily grow
and the garden becomes more lush. It can even feel rewarding seeing a
full garden, and especially if one chooses to grow vegetables and
herbs, plants that can actually be eaten and enjoyed. It’s the joy of
having something tangible come from regular work that can make
gardening special.

Pleasant Surroundings
There’s no better place to
get away from everything than a comfortable garden. With the sweet
smells of flowers, bright colors and patterns, and if one is lucky
some bird or animal friends may pay a visit. It is a veritable feast
for the senses and can give one a place to escape stress. Having a
nice garden also adds to the beauty of home, making it more appealing
both to others and it’s something that one can feel proud of.

Many people forget that
gardening is more than just beautifying the yard, it’s a wonderful
way to unwind and get away from the stresses of every day life. In a
fast paced world over saturated with technology and people, sometimes
reconnecting with nature can be what more people need to improve
their overall quality of life.


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