With the moral agents (moral character) rather than

With virtue ethics, the characteristic focuses
mostly upon the moral agents (moral character) rather than the specific action (Walls).
Meaning that the motive is to understand the person’s reason for the action and
to not just look at the action itself; or to look inside the big picture to view
closely to the smaller details. Constructing that this are habits or ways that
individuals were born with. Such as having courage, or having a fear. The true
nature is to show that individuals must do the right thing but also understand
that it is not the only thing that is important. It is relatively important to
include having the right disposition, motivation, and emotion when dealing with
situations (Walls). Thus, values
can relate off of virtue ethics
but during challenging situations, the moral
value can change. Stating that values are what is considered to be
important or beneficial. The aim is to determine what actions are right or
wrong; to decide which actions are the best to do or what way is best to live. Values are beliefs that are on a
personal conduct. In healthcare, both virtue
ethics and values can
be misleading because of individuals having different beliefs and what they
view to be right and wrong. Which can make things in the healthcare
organization a challenge.

For example, an eighty-eight
year old man comes into the hospital with chest and back pain. After running
large amounts of test, they find out that he has Ischemic Heart Disease and one
bad kidney. His doctor (his son) informs him about his conditions and tells him
about the surgeries that are needed to be done in order to survive or he will
have eight weeks to live. The patient
refuses to go through with the surgeries. A week later, the patient is
brought back to the hospital because he went into cardiac arrest and is now in
a coma. His doctor decides that he
will go ahead and go on with the surgeries to save his father’s life.  He went against Informed Consent and Autonomy and
used Paternalism
because the value of the
situation changed.

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