Within so this means that financially Active School

Within the Cowdenbeath locality there is a
Sports Development Activity ran by Actives Schools Fife called Primary School
Ambassadors Programme. This programme looks to engage young people in sports
leadership opportunities. A group of P7 pupils completed an application form
and from there were numbered down into a selected few who then reached an
interview stage and individuals were selected from there.


The targeted group for this particular
programme was Cowdenbeath Primary School. This specific group were targeted by
Active Schools due to the low number of clubs and pupils taking taking part in
a structured activity/sporting club environment. Actives Schools monitor the
participation levels of school’s participation within physical activity through
ASMO (Active Schools Monitoring Online) allowing Active School’s to differentiate
the involvements levels of distinct participants in the school and the school
to club links. Due to this particular primary school having a low percentage of
active pupils the school was targeted. This programme gives the pupils
confidence and means that they feel less nervous about attending due to it
being in their own school and in an environment that they are used to being.

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This specific programme allows allows the
young pupils and also their teachers, support to receive training on becoming a
potential sports leaders and also leading a sporting environment with help from
their teachers. The pupils that are involved within the programme lead the
session too their peers. Active Schools provided training sessions for the
chosen pupils and their teacher. The training sessions run 2 times a week.
During theses sessions the class learn the fundamental skills that are required
by sports leader. Skills such as organisation, time management and refereeing.
This is so that they can lead a specific activity/sport to their peers in their
class. This programme was set up by Active Schools Co-ordinator, Leanne Reid in
partner with Cowdenbeath Primary School.


Through this programme the short term
benefits are that once the pupils are selected to be apart of the programme
they immediately gain confidence with them as they have been chosen. As the
pupils that take part in the programme run each session internally within the
primary school so this means that financially Active School Fife doesn’t have
to pay for a facility for the children to use. In addition to this also the the
pupils are leading the session this means that they don’t have to pay coaches
to lead the sessions. As the pupils attend the primary school they can trust
who is running the session and know that the equipment and the facility will
not be vandalised.


The long term benefits are that pupils who
were trained on the programme have now had the first taste of leadership and
knowing what it takes to be a good leader from a young age providing them with
a wide variety of skills such as reliability, commitment and teamwork. Pupils
who ere involved in this programme were also given the opportunity to take part
in exciting and entertaining sports based sessions that cater to the age and
skill level. The group of pupils are looking to branch out and widen then
knowledge about physical activity. They hope to do this by making their own questionnaires
and handing them out to the pupils in their school on what they would like to
see more of in their school to do with physical activity. Then would like to
take this to Senior Management within school to see changes being made.


The the training that Leanne Reid and the
pupils of the school under went for the Primary School Ambassador Programme was
funded by the Sports Leaders UK Playmaker Award and cost £20.


By introducing this programme, it means the
pathway of sports leadership to be available from a young age. This means that
the pupils that take part in the programme have their own voice and opinion to
make changes within their primary school and help to influence their peers and
future generations. 


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