Work Experience At Action For Kids Social Work Essay

During this study, I will bring forth a thorough contemplation of the accomplishments and cognition that I found and expanded throughout my experience with the organisation of my pick. I will include comparings and contrasts between information gained through faculties in this class, and information that has been constructed while in work experience.

I researched many administration that I felt I would hold an involvement in working at, in the terminal I chose Action For Kids, Hornsey to finish my work experience, The grounds in which I chose this administration were so that I could use the chance to detect the practician and the manner in which they work in this type of environment. The administration provides many services available to immature people. The manner in which the organisation was managed, operated and the mission statement, visions, beliefs and values were all of which I thought related to the faculty outcomes that are studied in the Youth Studies Programme.

To guarantee that the 40 hours of mandatory work experience and university work, talks and independent survey are still being accomplished, clip direction is indispensable. I have decided to take Friday forenoons, four hours a hebdomad for 10 hebdomads. I achieved the 40 hours that were compulsory and continued two hebdomads thenceforth.

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Background To Organization

The charity was established in 1991, raising financess for a immature male child who needed a wheelchair, which the NHS was unable to supply. The Founder, Sally Bishop realised that there was a demand for a kids ‘s charity to back up immature people with physical and learning disablements, every bit good as their parents and carers.

From early beginnings, the charity began to turn and was able to assist more kids get the mobility AIDSs that they were in demand of. In following old ages, the charity moved into their ain location and shortly understood that handicapped immature people were being excluded from work experience chances, so they so introduced a Work Related Learning programme delivered ab initio in-house and so extended into schools and colleges.

In June 2006, the charity was able to buy their ain edifice – Ability House. In 2008 a farther edifice, the Gatehouse, was leased to supply extra infinite to spread out services into structured and commissioned ( via OCN – Open College Network ) independent life.

Action for Kids focal points on immature people ‘s abilities, supplying them with a positive and supportive environment in which to develop their self-pride. Their services include, in-house service, outreach service, vacation programmes and towards independency and Inclusion undertaking. The charity provides arrangements to immature people from 17 London boroughs and Hertfordshire and offer a scope of support services including chaperoned conveyance and one-to-one support for personal attention every bit good as larning demands.

The objects of the charity were to alleviate kids and immature people who are enduring from illness or physical or mental disablement by helping them to take full and independent lives and by any other agencies whatsoever. This can be via proviso of support and aid to the carers of kids or immature people enduring from physical or mental disablement, such other charitable intents as the Trustees may from clip to clip believe tantrum.

Mission Statement

The mission is to assist physically and mentally handicapped kids and immature people find greater degrees of independency and chance through the proviso of appropriate assistance and support. To accomplish this, the charity has devised their ain programme of services ( Towards Independence ) . This includes a Helpline and Family Support Service, supplying information, advice, direct and indirect support, mobility and other equipment proviso to help independent motion and greater independency, Work Related Learning, a programme supplying supported work experience, larning about the universe of work, and entree to employment preparation and greater independency and eventually, accredited Independent Living Skills learning practical life accomplishments such as cookery, cleansing, training, budgeting and utilizing public conveyance – all of which aid when taking the first stairss towards populating independently.

Organizational Structure

The Chief Executive is appointed by the Trustees to pull off the daily operation of the charity. All twenty-four hours to-day direction is so delegated via the Chief Executive to the Senior Management Team ( SMT ) who, between them manage ; protagonism and helpline, appraisal and Qualifications Alliance ( AQA ) accreditation, beneficiary, equipment proviso and lasting loans disposal, concern development, committed giving, communications, PR & A ; media development, corporate fundraising, donor acquisition and development, events and community fundraising, household support services, finance, caput office disposal, human resources & A ; installations, information engineering, bequest development, life accomplishments developing and development, new concern development, Open College Network ( OCN ) accredited preparation, Outreach services: particular school support, Participation development, Peer mentoring undertaking, Regional o-ordination and development, Social return on investing monitoring, Towards independency & A ; inclusion undertakings Trust fund-raising Volunteer fundraising and support, Volunteer enlisting, Work-based preparation undertakings, Work experience: office-based and employment, Training, WRL partnership development.

Policies and Ethical Issues

The chief policies in that the administration purely follows are Health And Safety, Confidentiality, Date protection, and some others specifically for the administration that are explained farther below and in the Appendix.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety policy is one of the rule policies and this is to corroborate that all employees are witting of their duty to present every bit much as they can, cognizing the bounds of what is operable, safe and healthy working conditions. It states the stages that should to be performed to guarantee and run into the purposes of the policy, and the exact duties of employees within the administration.

Inclusion Policy

Action For Kids strive to be to the full inclusive in the proviso of their services to kids and immature people with larning troubles and disablements together with their households. Since its origin in 1992 Action For Kids, a charity built upon household values, has embedded in its attack to back uping these people a desire to ease the development of greater independency in an attempt to foster their life opportunities.

Action For Kids ( capable to its legal remit ) defines and respects inclusion in its widest context. Their services are every bit and reasonably available to all regardless of larning trouble and/or disablement, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual or religious beliefs.

Our Family Support Services ( FSS ) , Work Related Learning programme ( WRL ) and Independent Living Skills programme are based upon the belief that by making greater independency, supplying chances and offering support in a to the full inclusive environment, they believe that they can ease a immature individual ‘s active engagement in the community, in instruction, preparation, employment readying and recreational chances, giving them the opportunity to gain their full potency. Being in a safe and inclusive environment gives them the aspirations, assurance and self-belief to travel on and develop accomplishments for greater degrees of independency in maturity.

Action For Kids acknowledges and has regard for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 and the UN Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities ( 1993 ) .

Grant-making policy:

In supplying mobility AIDSs which are appropriate for handicapped kids and immature individuals the charity assesses each applier in conformity with the following standards in falling order of importance:

Those in greatest demand ( as judged by their degree of disablement, their current resources and the likely betterment to ensue from the proviso of the mobility assistance ) .

The length of clip, which has elapsed since their demand for the mobility assistance became evident.

The length of clip, which has elapsed from the day of the month of their application to the charity.

The cost of the mobility assistance required.

Any other appropriate factors.

Militias policy:

It is the policy of the charity that they aim for unrestricted financess that have non been designated for new undertakings to be at a degree equivalent to six month outgo on gross points and charitable assets combined. The Trustees consider that militias at this degree will guarantee that, in the event of a important bead in support, they will be able to go on the charity ‘s current activities while consideration is given to ways in which extra financess may be raised.

Most mobility AIDSs are provided under our Permanent Loan Scheme. Action For Kids retain ownership of the particular equipment that they purchase on behalf of handicapped immature people and take duty for its fix and care. This relieves parents of a enormous fiscal load and besides allows them to guarantee that the equipment is used to its upper limit. When a immature individual has no more demand for a piece of equipment ( normally for grounds of growing ) they recondition it and either go through it on to another immature individual or donate it to a particular school. As our equipment base increases this represents an increasing fiscal committedness.

The charity expect mobility AIDSs to last at least five old ages and the charity has designated financess to guarantee that it can cover the service costs and associated disposal costs for this period.

Declaration of Interest Policy:

The Trust has a Declaration of Interest policy that all Trustees comply with.

Specific investing powers: The charity has the power to do any investing the Trustees see tantrum.

Public Benefit:

The Trustees consider that the elaborate descriptions/accounts of its work as contained within this study, combined with the signposting to other relevant back uping paperss, etc. clearly indicate the benefit provided by the Trust non merely to its immediate donees, but through them to the wider community as a whole. In this manner the Trustees experience confident that the Trust ‘s objects are still relevant and that the administration is working invariably toward run intoing them

Asset screen by fund:

Note 18 ( below ) sets out an analysis of the assets attributable to the assorted financess and a description of the trusts. These assets are sufficient to run into the charity ‘s duties on a fund by fund footing.

Disclosure of information to hearers:

Each of the legal guardians has confirmed that there is no information of which they are cognizant which is relevant to the audit, but of which the hearer is incognizant. They have farther confirmed that they have taken appropriate stairss to place such relevant information and to set up that the hearers are cognizant of such information.

Appointment of hearers:

A declaration suggesting that D Lee & A ; Co. be reappointed as hearers of the company will be put to the Members.

Statement of Trustees ‘ Duties:

The legal guardians, who are besides the managers of Action For Kids Charitable Trust for the intent of company jurisprudence, are responsible for fixing the Trustees ‘ Report and the histories in conformity with applicable jurisprudence and United Kingdom Accounting Standards ( United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice ) .

Company jurisprudence requires the legal guardians to fix histories for each fiscal twelvemonth which give a true and just position of the province of personal businesss of the charity and of the incoming resources and application of resources, including the income and outgo, of the charitable company for that twelvemonth.

In fixing these histories, the legal guardians are required to:

aˆ? select suited accounting policies and so use them systematically ;

aˆ? observe the methods and rules in the Charities SORP ;

aˆ? make opinions and estimations that are sensible and prudent ; and

aˆ? fix the histories on the traveling concern footing unless it is inappropriate to assume that the charity will go on in operation.

The legal guardians are responsible for maintaining proper accounting records that unwrap with sensible truth at any clip the fiscal place of the charity and enable them to guarantee that the histories comply with the Companies Act 2006. They are besides responsible for safeguarding the assets of the charity and hence for Taking sensible stairss for the bar and sensing of fraud and other abnormalities.

Other policies that the practicians have a duty to follow

Equality and Diverseness Policy

Code of Conduct – this states the suited manner in which employees must work and organize themselves during the development of their employment. This policy discusses the persons who are working for voluntary intents, every bit good as those for paid intents. This policy classifies the dividers of staff and the liabilities that they are responsible for. For illustration, all staff have the duty to describe suspected corruptness of the behavior.

Ethical Issues

The rating was conducted in conformity with Social Research Association Ethical Guidelines and the British Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. All information accessed by the PSP was obtained with the permission of their clients. When follow up information was sought, parents were approached on a one-to-one footing by project staff to guarantee to the full informed consent was gained. Where kids were to be straight involved in the rating procedure, permission was sought from parents ab initio and so from the single kid. Care was taken to guarantee that information was relayed harmonizing to the single kid ‘s capacity to understand. Interviews were conducted by PSP staff, as their background in working with these vulnerable persons, and thorough consciousness of the appropriate legal and professional duties, dictated that they are best suited to pull offing the interview state of affairs and any issues that may originate. However, attention was taken to guarantee that the staff member carry oning each interview was non the staff member who had had duty for that peculiar instance or had non had great engagement in it. This was to guarantee that parents and kids who had possibly experienced troubles with the undertaking or their undertaking worker would experience more able to talk out in their interview.

Where information was passed to the Centre for analysis, it was in anonymised format, incorporating no variables that would render any single identifiable. Data ( electronic and difficult transcripts ) were held in conformity with the University of Edinburgh ‘s rigorous information protection demands and were merely accessible by the appropriate research squad. Where information is presented in research studies, the namelessness of clients has been protected.

Policies that related to confidentiality and information sharing,

Client Engagement Policy

Data Protection Policy, ( in alliance with The Data Protection Act 1998 )

Equality and Diverseness Policy

Organizational Effectiveness

Monitoring, Measuring and Evaluating

The Charity has in invested considerable resources in bettering the manner in which they monitor, step, and measure their services. Using feedback from households, they have noticed that households and immature people value what they do but they have non recognised that charities now besides need to be able to mensurate their impact and quantify the difference they are doing to people ‘s lives. Funders are going more sophisticated and expect grounds of the benefits of their contributions and big public funders like the Big Lottery demand hard informations to warrant any award. The challenge for AFK is to understand what it they should be mensurating is and how do they really collect the information.

AFK ‘s mission is to back up immature people towards independency but the impact happens over clip and consists of personal development every bit good as practical accomplishments. Additionally, there is no individual step of independency that is appropriate for everyone – independency is comparative and will change from single to single.

Therefore, they have focused on roll uping informations and placing some of the constituents of independency that can be measured. They have besides been developing an electronic study tool for immature people that uses simple linguistic communication, images and sound for them to rate their response to the different activities they do. This has been trialled with those that attend the school vacation programmes. The informations can be easy quantified and provides grounds of impact to the commissioners.

The same engineering has now been adapted for WRL to mensurate the benefits to immature people of short term work experience arrangements. They complete a study as portion of their initiation and once more when they complete. Over clip this will give us some good quality informations on the impact of this peculiar programme. A more luxuriant measuring model has been developed for the older immature people who attend on a regular basis which can be personalised for their single advancement.

Staff Development

WRL staff have received single preparation programmes as identified in the assessment procedure, for their uninterrupted professional development, they have besides commenced preparation in safeguarding through an electronic acquisition programme. Ongoing preparation in engagement and multimedia was delivered by the Rix Centre, their spouse in the Big Lottery undertaking. Two members of staff undertook portion clip classs: Building Social Enterprises and a Post Graduate class in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences.

The Organisational Environment

The Vision

The vision of the charity is to finally be worldwide, so that handicapped immature people and their households receive the support and advice they need, when they need it, for every bit long as and wherever they need it.

Valuess and Beliefs

The values are based on based on friendliness, accessibility, personal contact, dedication and openness. Action For Kids provides a safe environment where people can show themselves openly – as portion of a household. Action For Kids has stated that they are non concerned with Numberss, but about quality, and the ‘family feel ‘ of being a little charity is a critical factor in our individuality and civilization The charity seeks to make an inclusive environment in which everyone feels they are a stakeholder and portion of the household. Action For Kids purposes to construct long-run relationships that have significance and stress on independency, concentrating on abilities, non disablements. They offer a down-to-earth, practical, personal and caring service, working for the right grounds. The importance of working towards the correct outcomes for immature people is stressed throughout the charity. The importance of T

The voluntaries, givers and funders who make it possible to transport out the work with the immature people are good noticed.


The legal guardians, who are besides the managers of Action For Kids Charitable Trust for the intent of company jurisprudence, are responsible for fixing the Trustees ‘ Report and the histories in conformity with applicable jurisprudence and United Kingdom Accounting Standards ( United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice ) and for being satisfied that the histories give a true and just position.

Their duty is to scrutinize the histories in conformity with relevant legal and regulative demands and International Standards on Auditing ( UK and Ireland ) .

They so report to endorse their sentiment as to whether the histories give a true and just position, have been decently prepared in conformity with United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, and have been prepared in conformity with the Companies Act 2006. They besides report to whether, in our sentiment, the information given in the Trustees ‘ Report is consistent with those histories.

The Trustees province in their sentiment, whether the charity has kept equal accounting records, if the charity ‘s histories are non in understanding with the accounting records and returns, if they have non received all information and accounts they so require for our audit, or if certain revelations of legal guardians ‘ wage specified by jurisprudence are non made. Then they read the Trustees ‘ Report and see the deductions for their study if they become cognizant of any evident misstatements within it.

The administration conducted an audit in conformity with International Standards on Auditing ( UK and Ireland ) issued by the Auditing Practices Board. An audit includes scrutiny, on a trial footing, of grounds relevant to the sums and revelations in the histories. It besides includes an appraisal of the important estimations and opinions made by the legal guardians in the readying of the histories, and of whether the accounting policies are appropriate to the charitable company ‘s fortunes, systematically applied and adequately disclosed.

The administration took the clip and planned and performed their audit so as to obtain all the information and accounts which they considered necessary in order to supply us with sufficient grounds to give sensible confidence that the histories are free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or other abnormality or mistake. In organizing our sentiment we besides evaluated the overall adequateness of the presentation of information in the histories.

Personal Contribution To The Administration

I took portion in the Holiday Programme, in which the charity offers immature handicapped people the chance to set about work related learning activities during the half term, Easter and summer vacations. The programme offers immature people the opportunity to develop their office accomplishments and assurance in a vibrant and merriment environment.A It is really effectual in developing immature people ‘s personal and professional accomplishments for subsequently big life.

The preparation that I was given at the administration was rather elaborate. The preparation covered inclusion, inclusive drama, behavior, communicating, relationships and gender, equality and diverseness and disablement equality and consciousness. These can be commissioned for all administrations and local authorities.A More intense and elaborate preparation was given to regular staff, this included be able to province the classs of maltreatment and recognize the impact that maltreatment has on kids and immature people with disablements, explain the specific exposures of kids and immature people with disablements and their safeguarding demands, place some myths that have developed around disablement and explicate the consequence they have on the safety and public assistance of kids with disablements, recognize the peculiar troubles faced by some kids with disablements when necessitating to pass on what they are sing and depict the different safeguarding functions and duties of professionals working with kids and immature people with disablements, eventually being able to find how to assist to protect kids and immature people with disablements more efficaciously.

My function in the administration was largely to oversee in the vacation programme. I made conversations with all the immature kids. I was besides involved in out-of-door activities in which the kids took portion in game s such as tennis, ten-pin bowling, ice skating, street carnivals and summer/winter carnivals.

The administration is promoting the kids to take an involvement in the 2012 London Olympics. I helped to invent new ways of acquiring the kids to be involved, by demoing them the importance and chances that can be given to them due to the Olympics.

I believe that I made a important impact of certain kids, as I encouraged them greatly on going involved in the Olympics and Paralympics. I would hold liked to hold more duties in doing certain determinations particularly in the country of the Olympics, as this is an country that I am really much interested in as a manner of giving chance to immature people. The feedback that I gained was largely positive, largely due to my enthusiasm to go involved and loud personality. As a squad, I believed that I suited the function good, as I was a good squad member and was unfastened to thoughts and seting across my ain sentiment.

Relation of Theory to Practice

During the arrangement, I became cognizant of the countries in which we have been concentrating in the Youth Studies Programme. These include being able to entree, shop, manipulate and present information utilizing IT when inventing programmes that will promote the immature people to go more occupied in the London 2012 Olympics, assisting to bring forth a PowerPoint to demo my thoughts and attempt as portion of a squad. Bing portion of a squad and working expeditiously amongst other squad members was besides a portion of the Learning results for the Youth Studies Programme. Due to the work experience in the organisation, I was able to pattern working creditably with wellness and safety of ego and others. I was besides able to use theory to job work outing in the work topographic point, as utilizing certain accomplishments that had been learnt in Social Psychological Perspective on Youth, such as reading persons reactions, emotions and organic structure linguistic communication. Bing able to pull off the passage between personal and professional scenes was indispensable when working at Action for Kids, as going a friend and person to trust was needed for some of the immature persons, but a sense of professionalism was needed at times.

Within my placement period, I noticed the sense on ‘team civilization. ‘ ( Handy, 1985 ) . This was where there were clear marks of squad working and organizing. There were besides marks of the Levels of Culture, this was where there were seeable organizational constructions and procedures, schemes, ends and doctrines and unconscious, taken for granted beliefs perceptual experiences, idea and, feelings. ( Schein, 1992 ) .

Functions of Culture ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2001 ) were shown in the administration as Action for Kids provided a sense of individuality for employees and committedness to the administration. The administration allows employees to hold an apprehension of what the agreements are. They help to reenforce the values of the administration, this allows the employees to hold a changeless apprehension of the ground behind the work, besides shows the employees what is acceptable and non acceptable besides cut downing struggle by moving as a bond between members of the administration.


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