W?th gl?bal brands enter?ng ?nd?a dur?ng the per??d.

W?th the r?s?ng
need f?r c?nsumer g??ds ?n d?fferent sect?rs ?nclud?ng c?nsumer electr?n?cs and
h?me appl?ances, many c?mpan?es have ?nvested ?n the ?nd?an reta?l space ?n the
past few m?nths.

f??twear c?mpany, Skechers, ?s plann?ng t? add 400-500 m?re exclus?ve ?utlets
?n ?nd?a ?ver the next f?ve years and als? t? launch ?ts apparel and
access?r?es c?llect??n, as ?t ?ncreases ?ts ?perat??ns ?n ?nd?a.
Ec?mmerce Pvt ?s plann?ng ?ts f?rst maj?r sale ?n the Paytm mall f?r the
upc?m?ng fest?ve seas?n and w?ll ?nvest Rs 1,000 cr?re (US$ 156.14 m?ll??n)
f?r pr?m?t??n, cash backs, and market?ng.
by pr?vate equ?ty f?rms ?n ?nd?an reta?l sect?r reached US$ 200 m?ll??n ?n
the f?rst half ?f 2017, w?th seven new gl?bal brands enter?ng ?nd?a dur?ng
the per??d.
l?w-c?st reta?l cha?n, M?n?s?, ?pened ?ts f?rst st?re ?n ?nd?a ?n August
2017 and ?s target?ng revenue ?f Rs 10,000 cr?re (US$ 1.56 b?ll??n) ?ver
tw? years by reach?ng a c?unt ?f 210 st?res by the end ?f 2018 and 800 by
the Netherlands-based furn?ture c?mpany, has purchased 14 acres ?f land ?n
Bengaluru f?r sett?ng up ?ts th?rd reta?l ?utlet ?n the c?untry.
Gr?up, a c?nsumer g??ds c?mpany ?n ?nd?a has entered ?nt? a j??nt venture
w?th Kh?mj? Ramdas Gr?up ?n UAE f?r sell?ng garments ?n ?man w?th b?th the
c?mpan?es hav?ng ?nvested US$ 11.7 m?ll??n each. The j??nt venture w?ll f?rst
launch f?ur t? f?ve st?res ?n ?man and gradually ?ncrease the c?unt t? 17
t? 18.
?nd?a plans t? d?uble ?ts st?rage capac?ty ?n ?nd?a by add?ng 14 new wareh?uses
by June 2017, a?med at ma?nta?n?ng rap?d gr?wth ?n sales and cater?ng t?
the rem?te parts ?f ?nd?a.
and ?lufsen, Dan?sh stere? and speaker system maker, has plans ?f sett?ng
up ab?ut e?ght t? ten standal?ne satell?te st?res by the end ?f FY 2017-18
?n c?t?es l?ke K?lkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, am?ng ?thers. 
gl?bal reta?l g?ant, plans t? ?pen 50 new cash-and-carry st?res ?n ?nd?a ?ver
the next three t? f?ur years and l?cate half ?f the st?res ?n Uttar
Pradesh and Uttarakhand wh?le creat?ng ?ver 40,000 j?bs ?n the tw? states.
e-c?mmerce g?ant, Amaz?n ?s plann?ng t? enter the ?nd?an f??d reta?l?ng
sect?r by ?nvest?ng US$ 515 m?ll??n ?n the next f?ve years, as per Mr Hars?mrat
Kaur Badal, M?n?ster ?f F??d Pr?cess?ng ?ndustr?es, G?vernment ?f ?nd?a.
apparel reta?l maj?r Gap ?nc, has t?ed up w?th Arv?nd Gr?up’s fash??n p?rtal
NNN?w.c?m t? sell ?ts pr?ducts ?nl?ne, wh?ch w?ll help the reta?ler expand
?ts presence bey?nd metr?s and t?er-? c?t?es. 
has stated that ?nd?a ?s ?ne ?f the m?st ?mp?rtant markets f?r Hamleys gl?bally,
and ?utl?ned plans ?f ?pen?ng s?x m?re st?res, tak?ng ?ts t?tal st?re c?unt
?n the c?untry t? 32 by the end ?f March 2017.
B?b??s Gr?up, ?utl?ned plans ?f ?pen?ng new st?res ?n c?t?es l?ke
Hyderabad, Chenna?, Pune, K?lkata and Ahmedabad, ?n ?rder t? make ?nd?a ?ne
?f ?ts t?p f?ve markets by 2022.
A j??nt
venture between Dutch asset manager APG Asset Management and real estate
asset platf?rm V?rtu?us Reta?l, has acqu?red a p?rtf?l?? ?f three sh?pp?ng
malls f?r US$ 300 m?ll??n, and has c?mm?tted an add?t??nal US$ 150 m?ll??n
as equ?ty cap?tal t? expand the p?rtf?l??.
C?nsumer Ltd has f?rmed a j??nt venture (JV) w?th UK’s largest wh?lesaler,
B??ker Gr?up, w?th an ?nvestment ?f Rs 50 cr?re (US$ 7.5 m?ll??n), t? set
up 60-70 cash-and-carry st?res ?n ?nd?a ?n the next 3-4 years.
?nd?a Pr?vate L?m?ted, ?utl?ned plans ?f ?pen?ng ar?und 30-40 b?g flagsh?p
st?res acr?ss Delh?, Mumba? and Bengaluru, by 2020.
Mad ?ver
D?nuts (M?D), ?utl?ned plans ?f expand?ng ?ts ?perat??ns ?n ?nd?a by ?pen?ng
n?ne new M?D st?res ?n Hyderabad and Chenna? by March 2017.
luxury reta?l brand Bally, plans t? re-enter the ?nd?an market ?n a j??nt
venture w?th Rel?ance Brands Ltd, by ?pen?ng ?ts f?rst st?re ?n New Delh? ?n
March 2017, and thereafter a?m?ng t? expand t? f?ur st?res ?n Delh?, Mumba?,
K?lkata and Chenna? ?ver the next 3 t? 4 years.
Ladder, an ?nl?ne furn?ture st?re, ?s ?n advanced talks t? ra?se ar?und
US$ 25-30 m?ll??n fr?m ex?st?ng ?nvest?rs Kalaar? Cap?tal, SA?F Partners
and Sequ??a Cap?tal, al?ng w?th ?ne new ?nvest?r, wh?ch w?ll be used t?
fund ?ts expans??n plans.
& Maur?tz (H), the Sweden-based cl?th?ng reta?ler, ?s ?n
advanced talks w?th Mumba?-based Prakhhyat ?nfrapr?jects Pvt Ltd t? lease
ar?und 275,000 square feet ?f space at Bh?wand?, Maharashtra, t? set up ?ts
f?rst wareh?us?ng hub ?n ?nd?a.
Gr?up has partnered w?th UK cl?th?ng and hardware reta?ler Laura Ashley t?
make and sell merchand?se as well as wh?lesale d?str?but??n ?n ?nd?a.
Agr? Pvt Ltd ?s launch?ng Fr??t? F?zz, a success??n ?f the ?r?g?nal Mang?
Fr??t?, wh?ch w?ll be reta?led acr?ss 1.2 m?ll??n ?utlets ?n the c?untry
as ?t targets ?ncreas?ng ?ts annual revenue fr?m Rs 2,800 cr?re (US$ 0.42
b?ll??n) t? Rs 5,000 cr?re (US$ 0.75 b?ll??n) by 2018.

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Sect?r’s H?gh Gr?wth P?tent?al ?s attract?ng ?nvest?rs

?nd?a has ?ccup?ed a remarkable p?s?t??n
?n gl?bal reta?l rank?ngs; the c?untry has h?gh market p?tent?al, l?w ec?n?m?c
r?sk and m?derate p?l?t?cal r?sk.

?n FD? C?nf?dence ?ndex, ?nd?a ranks
8th (after U.S., Germany, Ch?na, UK, Canada, Japan, and France).

?nd?a ?s ranked f?rst ?n the Gl?bal
Reta?l Devel?pment ?ndex 2017, backed by r?s?ng m?ddle class and rap?dly gr?w?ng
c?nsumer spend?ng.

?verall, g?ven ?ts h?gh gr?wth p?tent?al,
?nd?a c?mpares fav?urably w?th gl?bal peers am?ng f?re?gn ?nvest?rs.

W?th ?nvestment ?f ar?und US$ 511.76
b?ll??n, the f?rst half ?f 2016 w?tnessed the h?ghest annual pr?vate equ?ty
(PE) ?n the reta?l sect?r, s?nce 2008.

?nd?a?s reta?l market w?tnessed ?nvestments
w?rth US$ 200 m?ll??n by pr?vate equ?ty (PE) f?rms and wealth funds between
January-June 2017.

Department ?f ?ndustr?al P?l?cy and
Pr?m?t??n (D?PP) appr?ved three f?re?gn d?rect ?nvestments (FD?), M?unta?n Tra?l
F??d, K?hler ?nd?a C?rp?rat??n, and Merl?n Enterta?nments ?nd?a ?n the s?ngle
brand reta?l sect?r.


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