Yet, acknowledge from the start that in order

Yet, we live in a man-made world in which
women since the beginning of time had to prove their value and worth in order to
survive, thus she is not given the chance to explore her femininity, her
chances and boundaries. Our society is traditionally constructed by men who
take into account minimal consideration of the particularities of the female
nature which from a feminist point of view it will seem wrong. Men created the world
we live in by not giving enough consideration to what is suitable for women.
Janet Radcliffe Richards makes a clear point that the ideal world we want to
live in is just a utopia that cannot be reached due to many limitations and
equality as such is a deception. Ideally the perfect world would be one that
women and men are treated equally and share the same experiences, for example
having equal pay, having the same opportunities and do the same work or finally
live in a world where children are born artificially and are raised by the
society. Richards explains that this is just an inaccessible ideal world affected
by our current resources thus we are wasting our time with something that
cannot be achieved. For example, if we are trying to build the house of our
dreams we need to take into consideration the fact that certain materials that
we would like to put together might not work in our favour. If we force them together
then all we get is a clear disaster. In the same manner, if a person who wants
to build a utopia for women uses the fundamental ideas of women on how to
create the perfect world and the people involved in it instead of how it should
actually be then he is most likely to fail into creating the perfect female
cosmos. We need to acknowledge from the start that in order to have an equal
state of sexes, limitations need to exist. Changes will be made and we might or
might not like them and ethics should include general principles that will give
us the prototypes to determine when a society is the one we are looking for. Moreover,
since this utopia doesn’t exist we might have already achieved our goal of
equality but we have spoiled it by wanting to ameliorate it.1

Richards, J. (2013). The sceptical
feminist. London: Routledge.

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