You and ensures their safety as well as

You must be aware with the multitudinous features of the
most well known website Hotmail. This email service provider has to fight for
its position which is stumbling for a quite long time since the prevalence of its
competitors in the industry. Being existed near around 15 years back, it has
made a place in the hearts of few people who sensed how worthwhile it is!

Hotmail is famous for its search function to refer mails as
well as user friendly interface and can allow multiple users to access at a
time without even a default in server. Without a doubt, one must register in to
try out its amazing stuff! Hotmail Customer Support takes care of that. It will
help you with signing up and provide you with tips how to set up the password.

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For the people who have been the users of hotmail for few
time now but lost your access to the account, do not lose hope. Account
recovery isn’t a rocket science with Hotmail. It takes legitimate care of its
users and ensures their safety as well as security. You just need to dispense
out some credentials which you provided at the time of signing up as to verify
your identity.

How to do it?

Visit the main page by typing hotmail in the search engine.

In the top right, go for log in to the account.

Tap on the representation written with not able to get
access to the account.

Then and there, you can hit on forgot your password to refer
the further steps.

When you click on forgot my password, an option will appear
just underneath that, “reset my password”.

Tap on that link and fields will appear in front of you. Fill
that open box with the blocked email-id as well as the code in the next tab.
That captcha can be changed and converted to audio as well.

Then for recovering your account, hit on the link of not
getting access to any of these.

Enter your alternative email-id where you will get the code
or OTP which will get your account back.

The last step in this operation would be to add the details
i.e. account info and go to save the changes.

Was it helpful? For more help regarding the retrieval or
some other related issues, dial Hotmail Helpline Number for instant solutions.



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