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You know something? Let me let you in on a little secret. A beautiful secret my heart is so desperately longing to share with yours…Ready?There is not another human being living on this earth at this moment quite like you…Nobody has been through what you have been through. At least not in the way that you have been through it or how you experienced it.I grew up with my sister in the same house and one day just a couple of days before I was leaving to study abroad we got into a huge fight as we often did over something very stupid. But whenever we talk about this we are still arguing about what happened. This is because as similar as we are, having the same parents and the same childhood experiences we are also both unique, experiencing every circumstance in our own exceptional way.You being here matters, because every single contribution you have to make, the world has been waiting…, just for you. So by now, you’ll probably ask well ok great, what am I here to offer then?Well my dearest, You are here to Offer yourself.YOU have been crafted precisely so you could offer this world something that is distinct from everyone else, to become more of who YOU are and to grow more in YOUR Grace. Because baby you are so perfect, just the way we are.So just in case, you were busy trying to be something else, trying to please other people just so they like you, STOP! Stop wasting time…Because we all have a limited amount of time to do the good which we are intended to do.And those of us who are not ourselves, we know this, you know this. We know this because we are not feeling happy, we are feeling depressed, we are feeling confused, anxious, fearful. These are feelings which do not come from our most profound truth, which do not come from our heart.When you don’t know what to do…Do Nothing. When you don’t know what to do, Be Silent… until you do know. Because nobody knows but you… Only you know.And the reason we ask everybody else is that we are scared of our own answer.A few principles I learned from “Finding your own Truth” by Oprah Winfrey:1.       There is an energy in this life with YOUR name on it. Your real job is to find this energy and let it carry you into the next experience and the next and the next.2.       When your life is out of order when you can’t figure out what’s wrong when you feel sad, angry, fearful, depressed. You are not on your energy.Failure, anxiety, stress, fear, depression is information just saying… “you’re going the wrong way.” So don’t be devastated by depression, failure, anxiety, stress, and fear.Welcome it and let it show you the other way…3.       Your number one job then is to find the other way by getting back on your energy.4.       And how do you find this energy? It feels right. Move in the direction what feels right and to what feels like the Right thing to do.You will know what that the right thing is to do because this makes your heart feel Alive…That is your truth, and that is who you are.


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