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Your garage door opener does not work as you wish? Your door closes poorly or does not open? You hear strange noises coming from the mechanism?Here are some tips that will help you to pinpoint the problem and find solutions.•    Electrical failureAlthough some models of electric garage door openers have batteries that will compensate for power outages, most door openers will be out of service if electricity does not power them. To open the door during the breakdown, deactivate your opener by pulling on the red cord and lift the door.  If your garage door has a latch, use it to keep the door locked. Unplug your opener so that no one can use it (opening and closing the garage door while the latch is in place could damage it). •    You operate your transmitter remotely, and it does not work.If the interior of your garage is very wet, this humidity can affect the operation of the battery of your remote transmitter. Remove the cover of your wire and wipe the battery contacts with a dry cloth. If your antenna still does not work, replace the battery. You can also use your external keypad that operates as if it were a remote transmitter. •    Your garage door does not want to closePerhaps this state of affairs is due to the misalignment of the photoelectric system housings. The wall control panel should emit light flashes if this is the case. Realign dwellings on both sides of the door so that they are facing each other. The blinking will stop when both boxes are well aligned. •    You are a few feet from your door, you operate the transmitter, and the door does not openThree causes are possible: the battery of your electronics is flat; you do not press the button long enough (at least 2 seconds to be sure that the receiver antenna has received the signal), or there may be interference in the message. Make sure the antenna (6 “wire) is well outside the motor housing. If the problem persists, contact a specialist garage door opener. This will extend your receiving antenna out of the garage.•    The garage door does not close completely (or does not open completely)Take a screwdriver and screw a little screw on the buttons (with up and down arrows) of the garage door. These buttons are often placed on the side of the engine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions found in the service manual. You can also see this knowledge on the manufacturer’s website (if the opener is relatively recent). •    Your opener makes a lot of noiseIt may not necessarily be your door opener. Operate your garage door and look closely at where the sound is coming from.  Your garage door is the most important moving part of your property. Twice a year (in spring and fall), inspect your garage door and its mechanism. Make sure that all parts are tight, that there are no broken springs, that the rails are aligned, that the rollers roll in the tracks, and that all components are well oiled. Check the chain (or belt) to see if it is loose. To make sure everything is in order, have your system inspected and maintained by one of our qualified garage door repair technicians.About Us:You can also get a quote regarding the price of this maintenance or repair, which will be emailed to you. We will make sure your garage door will work like a new one, and for a long time!


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